Fire District Assistance Programs

Kittitas Valley Fire and Rescue Fire Truck
 The purpose of fire district assistance programs is to provide local and rural fire districts in  Washington state opportunities to establish, develop, improve, and maintain their wildland firefighting capabilities. Improving the capabilities of local districts helps defend Washington against wildfire.
These programs can make several types of training, equipment, and other assistance more affordable to local fire districts.
NOTE: Programs use available funds and resources which may vary from year to year.

DNR Surplus Engines

From the 2017 Washington State Legislature, RCW 76.04.135(4) authorizes DNR to transfer ownership of its surplus engines to fire districts in wildfire-prone areas within counties that have a median income level below the state average. These engines will help local fire districts be better prepared to fight wildfires in their districts. Taxpayers will benefit too. By transferring these resources to fire districts in fire-prone areas, we can together reduce initial attack response times to wildfire starts, and thereby, reduce the potential for large, costly and catastrophic fires.
See OFM median income data for 2017 to see if your county falls below the state average and is eligible.
Fire districts from eligible counties that are interested in receiving a surplus engine must complete and submit a “Surplus Engine Request Form”. Requests are due to DNR no later than 5:00 pm June 8, 2018.
See 2018 Surplus Engines to view photos and information on the ten engines available this year. Fire districts can also view the engines in person by appointment Monday through Friday from May 14 – June 8 at DNR’s Compound located at 801 88th Avenue SE, Tumwater. To schedule an engine viewing, please contact DNR Equipment Services at 360-902-1219 or 360-902-1380.
Questions regarding the transfer process should be directed to DNR Fire District Assistance at 360-902-1300.
DNR will begin to notify districts of the results as soon as July 1, 2018.
NOTE: All surplus fire engines are offered “AS IS.” DNR makes no warranty of condition or operability. Fire districts are encouraged to complete their own due diligence to determine vehicle condition and operability, including tanks, pumps, and other vehicle accessories.

Volunteer Fire Assistance Funding

Administered by DNR through funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) provides grants and wildfire training opportunities to fire districts and departments in Washington state.
Opportunities for this funding may be available to fire districts and departments that:
  • Respond to wildland fire on private, state or federal lands.
  • Serve communities with a population of 10,000 or fewer residents.
  • Serve a community of more than 10,000 residents AND a service area that includes a rural community of fewer than 10,000 residents (VFA funding is only available for the rural area).
  • Have a current Fire District Assistance agreement in place with DNR.
*VFA programs may not be available every year dependent upon funding. Call 360-902-1300 for details. 

VFA Grants

The VFA grant program provides a 50 percent match for purchases of personal protective equipment and general equipment. The program is administered in two phases annually:
Phase 1 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other fire equipment can be acquired annually through DNR fire cache at a 50% cost savings.
  • For 2018, eligible fire districts may place orders beginning March 9, 2018 using the “Phase 1 Order” shopping cart (see link below).
  • Shopping cart prices are listed at a 50% discount. Shopping cart orders are limited to a total shopping cart price of $2,500 (shipping costs are additional).
  • Orders will be accepted and filled on a first come-first serve basis through April 27, 2018, or until funding is expended, whichever occurs first.
  • See the “Phase 1 Grant Information” link below for eligibility and other information.
Phase 2 
  • Provides 50% funding for several project types including fire equipment, communications, training, prevention and more. The application period for the 2019 Phase 2 grant program will open in October 2018.
    • Phase 2 Grant Information  (available October 2018 dependent upon funding)
    • Phase 2 Application (available October 2018 dependent upon funding)
    • Phase 2 Reimbursement Form (use for requesting reimbursement of currently awarded Phase 2 grants)
    • 2018 Phase 2 Awards

VFA Wildland Fire Training

  • DNR administered NWCG wildland firefighting courses targeting rural volunteer fire districts
  • Courses scheduled, to extent possible, in your community
  • Student materials provided at no cost after meeting requirements and with a minimum registration of 15 students
  • Qualified DNR instructors

Firefighter Property Program*

 1998 M1078 - Before  1998 M1078 - After  2010 M916A3 - Before  2010 M916A3 - After
This program helps fire districts and fire departments get surplus Department of Defense vehicles suitable for low-cost conversion to support firefighting and emergency services. Other equipment, such as generators, forklifts, UTVs, and trailers are also available. Fire districts receive the title to the property. Equipment is available from Ft. Lewis and from military bases across the county. Districts and departments pay the expense of transporting the equipment from the military base (over half of the vehicles and equipment located through this program come from other states).
Opportunities to obtain equipment through this program may be available to fire protection districts and fire departments in Washington state that:
  • Agree to put the vehicle in service within a year of taking possession.
  • Maintain the vehicle in service for an additional year after placing it in service.
  • Have a current Fire District Assistance agreement in place with DNR.
*This program, with a few exceptions, replaces the Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) in Washington state.
NOTICE: The Department of Army has changed access requirements to Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM).

Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP)

DNR maintains biennial inventories of equipment currently on loan to fire districts and helps dispose of FEPP equipment when fire districts are finished using it. DNR no longer assigns equipment to fire districts under this program, with the exception of USFS engines when available.

Fire districts that want to dispose of FEPP equipment must complete and submit a FEPP Disposal Form. Follow instructions provided on the form.

FEPP Disposal Form

For assistance, contact DNR's Fire District Assistance Program at 360-902-1300.

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