Lidar Advisory Committee

The Lidar Advisory Committee is an interagency effort coordinated by the Washington Geological Survey at DNR and WaTech. The group gathers lidar stakeholders from across the state, including state, local, tribal, and non-profit entities, to discuss the state’s lidar program and efforts. The primary goals of the group are to:
  • Understand lidar use cases and business needs across the state and from a diverse set of users
  • Coordinate and facilitate collection opportunities
  • Set collection priorities and criteria
  • Discuss data dissemination needs and techniques
  • Provide information on federal lidar initiatives and state-led projects
At DNR, this information and feedback is used to build the program, review methodologies, and respond to user needs. For example, stakeholder feedback and use cases overwhelmingly pointed to the need for an on-going recollection plan to continuously acquire data across the state to support riparian, habitat, hydrologic, and hazards requirements. The group meets twice per year, in June and October, to review collection and program goals over the past year and set up for the collection season ahead in the winter.

Membership Composition

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Statutory Authority

An internal DNR Initiative established through the Washington State Lidar Plan grants the committee its authority.


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