Forest Health Cost-Share Program for Central and Eastern Washington


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Fill out the form to schedule a free consultation to gauge your wildfire and forest health risks. 
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Many forestlands in central and eastern Washington need treatment to become more resilient to insect infestation, disease and wildfire. We’re committed to helping landowners protect their property from these threats. As part of the Eastern Washington Cost-Share Program, we offer a free consultation to gauge your wildfire and forest health risks, then share in paying for the cost of treatment with qualified landowners.
The program is part of the state's 20-Year Forest Health Strategic Plan for central and eastern Washington, which calls for maximizing the effectiveness of forest health treatments by coordinating and prioritizing forest management activities across watersheds and large landscapes. For every $1 million spent on forest restoration, there is $5.7 million generated in economic returns.


Non-federal owners of forestland in central and eastern Washington, who own less than 5,000 forested acres in Washington state, are eligible to participate in the cost-share program.


  • Complete the form to request a free consultation.
  • A local forester will contact you at the number you provide to schedule a time for your consultation that works for you.
  • The forester will visit your property, and assess it for insect infestation, disease and wildfire risk.
  • You’ll receive written recommendations for how to make your forested property better prepared for wildfire.
  • Fill out the Eastern Washington Cost-Share Program application to apply for cost-sharing.
  • You’ll be notified how much of the work will be paid by DNR. Then you can get to work (or hire someone to do it) and feel more confident about your property’s ability to weather wildfire.


Who will do the consultation?
A local forester in your area will meet with you.
How long will it take for someone to contact me to schedule a consultation?
You’ll be contacted in the order your inquiry was received. We try to be as timely as possible with requests.
How long will the consultation take?
The consultation time depends on the size of the property. Typically, consultations take between 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Will you do the work for me?
We do not have resources to do the work, but we will share the cost of the work up to a predetermined amount for qualified property owners. You will be notified of the amount we will cover when notified whether your application was approved.
How long will it take to find out whether my application for cost-sharing is approved?
It typically takes 1-2 weeks.
What if I want to do the work myself?
Property owners who qualify for the cost-sharing program are welcome to do the work themselves instead of hiring it out. We will provide details on how to get reimbursed for the work should you opt to do it yourself when notifying you of your application status.