Protection Island Aquatic Reserve

 Protection Island Reserve
Protection Island is located on the borders of Jefferson and Clallam Counties north of Discovery Bay. Protection Island - along with the Smith and Minor Islands Aquatic Reserve - is managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a wildlife refuge. Protection Island Aquatic Reserve will ensure conservation of the important habitat used by resident and migratory birds as well as the fish and mammals. 

Presentations to the Protection Island Implementation Team

  • Washington State Aquatic Reserves Program: Puget Sound Corps Team. Young adults in the Puget SoundCorps are working in critical habitats to help restore and protect Puget Sound, including the state's Aquatic Reserves, which are managed by DNR. Some of their projects include: forage fish spawning surveys, eelgrass monitoring, removing creosote debris from beaches, and sampling sediments. Presented on Dec. 10, 2012.

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