Silviculture on State Lands

Growing state forests through state trust lands forest management

We use silviculture activities to achieve a variety of agency objectives. By promoting forest health and productivity, increasing revenue, and sustaining wildlife habitat, these activities play a key active role in keeping Washington's forested state trust lands vibrant and healthy.

Silviculture Contracts

Silviculture contracts fall under several categories: Tree Planting, Pre-Commercial Thinning, Site Preparation, and Conifer Release. If you are interested in bidding on silviculture contracts, please browse this information to find out about the bidding process and current and anticipated contracts open for bid.
New contracts in green: updated August 2, 2019
Current Invitations to Bid - Click on bid number to open the draft contract document.
  Silviculture Contracts
Contract Type
Contract Number
Date Bids Opened
Site Preparation Ground Herbicide - NE Region 1791 July 10, 2019
Precommercial Thinning - NE Region 1768 August 1, 2019
Precommercial Thinning - NE Region 1794 August 1, 2019
Precommercial Thinning - NE Region 1795 August 1, 2019
Ground Herbicide, Foliar - Olympic Region 1801 August 20, 2019
Ground Herbicide, BLM - Olympic Region 1800 August 23, 2019
These are contracts that have been posted during the current fiscal year (FY20, July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020). For information on previous contracts, please contact