Washington 100

WA100: Your virtual guide to Washington's geologic wonders


From the iconic Cascade volcanoes to the glacial flood-scoured landscape of eastern Washington, from the sea stacks of the Olympic Peninsula to the rolling hills of the Palouse, Washington has a rich geologic history. Every year, millions of people visit Washington to enjoy these beautiful landscapes, yet many visitors are unfamiliar with the geologic stories these places tell.

Now you can gain a deeper understanding of Washington’s geologic origins through WA100, a website that unravels the epic geologic stories of 100 publicly accessible sites in Washington. Some of these lands are well-known while others are more secluded. With cool stories, fun facts, and thousands of photos, graphics, animations, videos, and maps, the WA100 website is sure to educate as much as fascinate.


Whether you're still trying to decide on your next weekend adventure or you already have a destination in mind, the WA100 website will provide a new perspective as you explore Washington's most spectacular places.

Click the image below to go to the website or use the interactive map to browse all 100 sites and go directly to your page of interest.


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