Trust Lands HCP Northern Spotted Owl Conservation Strategy

DNR’s Trust Lands Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) covers state forestlands managed by DNR within the range of the northern spotted owl (Strix occidentalis caurina). This includes 1.8 million acres of state trust lands west of the Cascade Mountains and on the eastern slopes of the Cascades. One of the primary conservation strategies in the HCP is protecting and enhancing the habitat used by northern spotted owls, and providing areas for them to live, eat, and reproduce.

Objectives of the Northern Spotted Owl Conservation Strategy

  • Provide habitat that makes a significant contribution to:
    • Demographic support
    • Maintenance of species distribution
    • Facilitation of dispersal

Major factors thought to threaten northern spotted owl populations

  • Competition from barred owls (Strix varia)
  • Ongoing loss of habitat to timber harvest and disturbances
  • Loss of habitat and distribution from past activities and disturbances
  • Effects of stochastic (random) weather events

Northern spotted owl projects 

Northern spotted owl conservation strategy