Small Forest Landowner Regulation Assistance Program

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Thinking about harvesting but not sure where to start? Our Regulation Assistance program assists small forest landowners with questions related to the state’s Forest Practices Rules and the Forest Practices Application/Notification (FPA/N). 
Regulation Assistance Information
For many landowners, harvesting is a once in a lifetime experience and navigating the rules can be overwhelming. The Regulation Assistance program can provide understanding on both the Forest Practices Rules and the process in general.
Call or email us with your questions about:
• State Forest Practices Rules and Forest Practices Applications
• Alternate Plans
• Long term applications
• 20-acre exempt harvest activities
• Harvest regime options
• Road construction/maintenance
• Management strategies/Forest Practice activities
• Standard or Complex Forest Practice Rule questions
• Water/Wetland typing questions; RMZ/WMZ issues
• Riparian Management Zone (RMZ) and Wetland Management Zone (WMZ) options
• Finding a forestry consultant (see below links) or a logger from the WA Contract Loggers Association (WCLA Certified Loggers)
• And more Small Forest Landowner Info…
If you would like assistance with your forest practices activities, contact your local Regulation Assistance Forester for your area or email us at
We also have a Fish and Wildlife Biologist who can provide guidance to small forest landowners related to the effects of forestland management activities on fish and wildlife habitat. This new state-wide position provides technical assistance to help small forest landowners with Forest Practices Riparian and Wetland Management Rules on their forestland, including onsite expertise when determining stream typing, fish presence and barrier assessments, and wetland delineation. If you would like assistance from the Fish and Wildlife Biologist, contact or email us at
Who is eligible
Any landowner that harvests fewer than two million board feet of timber per year on average is eligible to receive technical assistance services from the Small Forest Landowner Office at no charge. Our Regulation Assistance Foresters are regionally located across the State and requests for regulatory assistance can be directed to the forester in your area. These services can be provided remotely by telephone or email, or via a field visit to your property. Contact us today!
 Pre-commercial Thinning and Forest Health Biomass Removal
Are you planning to thin your forested lands in Washington state? If so, this information will assist you to determine whether you need to submit a Forest Practices Application to the DNR to conduct a pre-commercial thinning and/or forest health thinning activity.
Forest Practices Voluntary Pre-Application Reviews for Potentially Unstable Landforms
Would you like more information on Forest Practices Voluntary Pre-Application Reviews for Potentially Unstable Landforms? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions here.
Looking for help with managing your forestlands?
The Service Forestry Program can help you assess resource conditions and forest health, identify potential problems and opportunities, and recommend management practices to help you achieve your objectives. The program can help you develop and implement a Forest Stewardship Plan to guide current and future management actions and help you qualify for financial assistance, current use taxation, recognition, and certification programs.
To learn more about the program, go to Forest Health Assistance for Small Forest Landowners