Webster Forest Nursery

Photo by Zoe Love, communications consultant

Growing Seedlings … Trees for Tomorrow

The DNR-managed Webster Forest Nursery sells seedlings of various species and stock types to help small private land owners meet replanting requirements. Seedlings are sold in full-bag quantities of 100 or greater.
Webster Nursery has sold out of many seedlings for the 2023-2024 planting season, but there may be additional opportunities to purchase seedlings. See the Seedling Prices and Availability page for the latest updates.
For more information, please call the nursery at 360-902-1234 or 877-890-2626, or email websternursery@dnr.wa.gov.
Conditions of Sale
We take great care to provide good quality, healthy nursery stock. However, we can give no guarantee of our stock’s productivity or life span. Buyers assume responsibility of the plants as soon as they receive them. Buyers must report to the DNR Webster Nursery any stock received in unsatisfactory condition within FIVE (5) business days of receiving their seedlings. We will review all claims and will either replace seedlings or issue credit when justified. At no time will the DNR Webster Nursery be responsible for more than the purchase price. DNR Webster Nursery does not guarantee survivability of plants after they leave our care, either when the buyer picks them up or after we ship the seedlings to the buyer’s destination.
More About Our Seedlings
Starting in December, we lift dormant seedlings from our nursery beds, hand sort them to assure top quality, and package and place the seedlings in cold storage to await shipment. Each seedling is to be planted where it will grow best — in the forest zone where its seed was collected. The Washington Tree Seed Transfer Zones publication provides more details. The Planting Forest Seedlings brochure also offers advice on how to best select, plant, and care for tree seedlings. 
Our staff have many years of nursery experience. Please feel free to call any of them to answer questions concerning your seedlings’ needs.