Webster Forest Nursery

Growing Seedlings…. Trees for Tomorrow

The DNR-managed Webster Forest Nursery sells seedlings of species and stock types to help small private land owners meet replanting requirements. The minimum order for seedlings is 100 and are sold in bundles of 100, starting the first business day in September. Be sure to check our seedling availability and price list before ordering, as they change frequently.
Our tree seedlings are grown to meet the conditions in the different zones in the state (weather, soil types, etc). Seeds are gathered from around the state — from forests high in the Cascades, from wooded cliffs over the Pacific Ocean, from nature preserves on Rattlesnake Ridge and from high alpine areas of the Ahtanum. These seeds are then sown in nursery beds or in a greenhouse. With hand weeding and the latest in transplant techniques, all are nurtured to hardy seedlings that will have the best chance of survival in the wild.
In December, the dormant seedlings are lifted from nursery beds, hand sorted to assure top quality, packaged and placed in cold storage to await shipment. Each seedling is to be planted where it will grow best — in the forest zone where its seed was collected. The publication, Washington Tree Seed Transfer Zones, provides more details.
If you are unsure which seedlings are best for which areas, contact a Stewardship Forester, who can visit your site to answer questions and offer suggestions. We have also written guidance on caring for your seedlings so they will grow and thrive.
Webster Nursery is staffed with individuals with years of nursery experience. Please feel free to call any of them to answer questions concerning your seedlings needs.