About Us

The Small Forest Landowner Office

The DNR Small Forest Landowner office (SFLO) was established in 1999 to promote the viability of small forest landowners in Washington state. The SFLO manages several assistance programs for landowners, including:
  • Family Forest Fish Passage Program (FFFPP)—A cost-share program that provides small landowners with 75 percent to 100 percent of the cost to remove fish barriers from their property. Enrolled landowners are not required to replace a barrier until the state determines that the barrier is a funding priority.
  • Forestry Riparian Easement Program (FREP)—Provides financial compensation to qualifying small landowners who are required to leave commercial timber in riparian buffers during timber harvests.
  • Rivers and Habitat Open Space Program (RHOSP)—Formerly known as the Riparian Open Space Program, RHOSP purchases conservation easements from landowners with forested land that is located in a channel-migration zone and is critical habitat for state-listed threatened or endangered species.
  • Forest Stewardship—Provides services and direct one-on-one assistance to forest landowners with ten or more acres in western Washington or with any acreage in eastern Washington. DNR stewardship foresters offer no-cost, non-regulatory, on-site visits to help landowners improve forests for timber production, forest health, wildlife and fish habitat, special forest products, aesthetics, and fire safety. Advice is customized to meet the landowner’s specific objectives.
  • Technical Assistance—Assists small landowners in western Washington with forest practices-related questions and with the state's Forest Practices Application process.