fpOnline Newsletter December 2023

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In This Issue

What is fpOnline?

  • fpOnline is a software solution that modernizes how users create, submit, and review forest practices applications (FPAs) and water type modification forms (WTMFs).
  • Users will be able to complete and submit forms online, sign electronically, pay online, create maps online, and attach PDF or TIFF maps.
  • fpOnline will meet regulatory requirements, will comply with forest practices rules, and will adhere to DNR Forest Practices Program policies.

Latest Updates

fpOnline RFP Release
  • The Request for Proposal (RFP) for the vendor has been released. Proposals are due back in January, and we anticipate announcing an apparently successful bidder in February 2024.
  • The RFP is available to view on the fpOnline web page.
Project Meetings and Presentations
  • fpOnline staff began making regular presentations at Timber Fish and Wildlife (TFW ) / Upper Columbia Basin (UCB) meetings and internal DNR meetings.
  • fpOnline staff met iteratively with the Washington Forest Protection Association (WFPA) sub-committee to get feedback on the requirements.
Web Page Updates

Look Ahead

  • We plan to review vendor proposals in January
  • We’ll be sending out a survey in December to internal and external future users of fpOnline
  • fpOnline staff will attend the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC) meeting in December and the Small Landowner’s Advisory Committee in January 2024
  • The Forest Landowners and DNR Internal Advisory Committees will continue meeting in December

Future User Quotes

"Take the time and spend the money to do this right."
-DNR Forest Practices Manager
 "When you are developing it, look at it from the user’s perspective. Keeping it simple is going to be the thing that saves the day. And that will be the challenge, because it is not a simple process. That is the dilemma."
Small Forest Landowner

Get Involved

Become a member of an advisory committee. Advisory committees will meet throughout the course of the project. Members will receive updates on fpOnline’s development and be asked to provide guidance. To join one of these committees, please contact dnrrefpon-line@dnr.wa.gov
1. Internal DNR fpOnline Advisory Committee
This committee will advise from the perspective of users who review and approve forest practices applications (FPAs).
Members include:
  • Forest practices region offices
  • Key forest regulation division staff
  • Finance staff
  • IT division managers and staff
  • Contracts and procurement section
  • Communications staff
2. Forest Landowner Advisory Committee
This committee will advise from the perspective of applicants for FPAs and WTMFs. Members include:
  • Small and large private forest landowners and their representatives
  • State forest landowner representatives
  • County forest landowner representatives
  • Tribal forest landowner representatives
  • Private forest landowner consulting firms
3. Reviewer Advisory Committee
This committee will advise from the perspective of FPA reviewers. Members include representatives from city, county, state agencies, and tribes who require review of FPAs, including the core processes and documents associated with the fpOnline project.

Team Member Spotlight

Alex Smith, Deputy Supervisor for Forest Resilience, Regulation and Aquatic Resources
Alex Smith is the Deputy Supervisor for Forest Resilience, Regulation and Aquatic Resources at the Washington Department of Natural Resources, where she supports the work of teams focusing on forest health, sustainable timber harvesting, and managing state-owned aquatic lands for the benefit of all Washingtonians. Alex started her career as an environmental attorney, including representing DNR and the Department of Ecology as a Washington Assistant Attorney General. In 2012, she transitioned out of the practice of law and into environmental program management, working at the Port of Olympia and the Department of Ecology. Alex joined DNR in late 2020. 

Nerd Corner

What is a user story?  A user story is written by an end user to describe how they would like a software feature to be configured or built to meet their business needs.
Example: “As a landowner, I would like to be able to submit a forest practices application electronically , so I don’t have to drive for three hours to drop it off at a Region office.” 
Learn more about user stories:
Learn more about applicable statutes/laws/rules:

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