fpOnline Newsletter November 2023

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In This Issue

What is fpOnline?

  • fpOnline is a software solution that modernizes how users create, submit, and review forest practices applications (FPAs) and water type modification forms (WTMFs).
  • Users will be able to complete and submit forms online, sign electronically, pay online, create maps online, and attach PDF or TIFF maps.
  • fpOnline will meet regulatory requirements, will comply with forest practices rules, and will adhere to DNR Forest Practices Program policies.

Latest Updates

Town Hall meeting. We held our first fpOnline Town Hall meeting on October 27, 2023. Watch the recording.
New project team members. We’ve hired several key project team members, including a Project Manager, Business Analysts, an Organizational Change Management team, and Quality Assurance consultants. These team members bring the operational, technical, and interpersonal expertise needed to successfully complete an intricate and comprehensive project such as fpOnline.
fpOnline RFP release. This month, we will release the request for proposal (RFP) on Washington’s Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) to procure a vendor to develop fpOnline.
Requirements. We have completed the high-level requirements that form the foundation of the fpOnline system. These requirements were based on input from the 2017-2018 requirements gathering sessions, plus our more recent evaluations. You can learn more about them by watching the Town Hall recording. After the RFP is posted, we will also post them on the fpOnline web page.
Project documents. We have developed key project documents, such as the Charter, Project Management Plan, and Technology Budget. You can find these documents on the Washington State IT Project Dashboard.

Look Ahead

  • We’ll be posting the RFP to find the best vendor to develop fpOnline.
  • Advisory Committees begin meeting this month.
We’ll provide regular project updates at the following team meetings: 
  • Forest Practices program team meetings (DNR staff)
  • Timber, Fish, and Wildlife (TFW) 
  • Washington Forest Protection Association (WFPA)
  • Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC)

TFW Partner Quotes

"fpOnline is a great step in the right direction."
 - Large Forest Landowner Rep
"fpOnline would have the outcome of making our jobs easier and making things more consistent, which would be huge."
-  Tribal Reviewer

Get Involved

Become a member of an advisory committee. Advisory committees will meet throughout the course of the project. Members will receive updates on fpOnline’s development and be asked to provide guidance. To join one of these committees, please contact dnrrefpon-line@dnr.wa.gov
1. Internal DNR fpOnline Advisory Committee
This committee will advise from the perspective of users who review and approve forest practices applications (FPAs).
Members include:
  • Forest practices region offices
  • Key forest regulation division staff
  • Finance staff
  • IT division managers and staff
  • Contracts and procurement section
  • Communications staff
2. Forest Landowner Advisory Committee
This committee will advise from the perspective of applicants for FPAs and WTMFs. Members include:
  • Small and large private forest landowners and their representatives
  • State forest landowner representatives
  • County forest landowner representatives
  • Tribal forest landowner representatives
  • Private forest landowner consulting firms
3. Reviewer Advisory Committee
This committee will advise from the perspective of FPA reviewers. Members include representatives from city, county, state agencies, and tribes who require review of FPAs, including the core processes and documents associated with the fpOnline project.

Team Member Spotlight

Donelle Mahan, fpOnline Co-Business Sponsor/ Product Owner
Donelle has worked at DNR since May, 1997. Donelle started with DNR working on a Northern Spotted Owl project and moved on to a permanent position as a State Lands Forester working with timber and forest road design, harvesting, compliance, and silviculture. Over the years, Donelle has promoted into a variety of job opportunities with DNR: RMAP Forester, Forest Practices (FP) Forester, FP Training Manager, FP Policy Advisor for new rules and board manual, FP Operations Assistant Division Manager, and now in her current role as fpOnline Co-Business Sponsor and Product Owner. 
Donelle acquired her master’s degree in environmental science while working full-time with DNR. She also served as the Legislative Liaison for Executive Management for two legislative sessions and participated in the Ag-Forestry Leadership program for two years. Donelle credits her successful career to the positive, healthy working relationships she has built with her DNR colleagues, stakeholders, and TNF partners. In her off-time, Donelle enjoys being with family and friends, playing with her pups, traveling, walking, hiking, going to concerts and musicals, and catching up on reading during the rainy season.

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