Carbon ESHB 1109

The 2019 Washington State Legislature passed ESHB 1109, which included a budget proviso directing the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to conduct specific activities related to carbon sequestration on natural and working lands. Furthermore, as laid out in our comprehensive Plan for Climate Resilience, DNR intends to take action that will contribute to preventing and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Sequestering carbon in Washington’s natural and working lands is part of the solution. Carbon sequestration also has the potential to be monetized as a new revenue stream for landowners. DNR is committed to seeking opportunities to incorporate carbon sequestration into our strategies and partnerships going forward, and to communicating what we learn and the projects we take on. This page will serve as a resource for reports, initiatives, and opportunities related to DNR’s carbon work. 
The bill also directed DNR to convene a Carbon Sequestration Advisory Group (CSAG) to assist DNR in fulfilling its charge under the bill. 

ESHB 1109

Several reports were produced relating to ESHB 1109, passed by the 2019 Washington State Legislature, regarding carbon sequestration on natural and working lands.  
* Although this report is labeled ‘Draft Report’, this is the final report for the relevant work under the proviso.