Long-Term Hydrological and Meteorological Data

State Trust Lands Habitat Conservation Plan

Olympic Experimental State Forest
Long-Term Hydrological and
Meteorological Data

As a participant of the Experimental Forests and Ranges Network, the Olympic Experimental State Forest provides meteorological and stream-flow data to a centralized server CLIMDB/HYDRODB. The server is a data sharing tool, providing open access to long-term data and metadata from a collection of research sites nationwide.
The Department of Natural Resources retrieves stream-flow data from five stations maintained by the US Geological Survey and temperature and precipitation data from three stations maintained by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on the western Olympic Peninsula.  The data are automatically reformatted and updated at the centralized server.  The map below shows the stations’ locations.  A topology map of each data station is available for download as a PDF file.
OESF Data Stations