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Current DNR recreation projects
DNR is hard at work planning and developing  recreation across millions of acres of state trust lands. Here are some of our current projects on some of your favorite landscapes. To stay up to date with all our recreation efforts, subscribe to our free monthly recreation e-newsletter and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter

Mount Teneriffe Trailhead near North Bend

Mount TeneriffeDNR will be constructing a new trailhead this spring to provide access to the Mount Teneriffe Trail’s hiking opportunities, which includes a summit viewpoint and access to a waterfall. View a map of the proposed trailhead location.

For more information, including upcoming meeting information, visit our Mount Teneriffe Trailhead project Web page.

Capitol State Forest, near Olympia

DNR is bringing enhanced amenities to Capitol State Forest campgrounds and trailheads. We will be putting two new toilets and expanded parking at Mima Falls Trailheads, popular for horseback riding; new toilets at Fall Creek Campground and trailhead; and a new shelter and unloading ramp at Middle Waddle day-use area. Middle Waddel Campground and trailhead improvements will also include paved approaches and parking areas.

For more information contact Phil Wolff by phone at 360-902-1435 or by email at

Dragoon Creek Campground, near Spokane

A 23-campsite campground north of Spokane, Dragoon Creek Campground is surrounded by 140 of forested state trust lands. Dragoon Creek runs through the campground, making water quality critically important. DNR is replacing six outdated outhouses with three new CXTs. Other enhanced amenities will also include gravel for campsites, trails, and fire pits.

For more information contact Kyle Pomrankey by phone at 509-685-2719 or by email at

East Tiger Mountain, near North Bend

DNRjust completed a 4-mile mountain bike climbing trail that will provide an alternate ascent route for those in favor of staying off of forest roads. In the third phase of trail building on East Tiger Mountain, in collaboration with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, DNR will soon develop approximately 5 miles of additional trail to complete trail connections and provide loop opportunities with diverse difficulty levels. Recent trail additions include Predator and Off the Grid. In addition, DNR, in collaboration with the Back Country Horseman of Washington and Issaquah Alps Trails Club, will seek to develop trail connections from Tiger Summit Trailhead directly to equestrian and hiking trail system areas on Tiger Mountain State Forest. Design work will soon begin to plan renovation and expansion of the current Tiger Summit Trailhead to accommodate more parking.

For more information contact Sam Jarrett by phone at 206-375-0448 or by email at

Elbe Hills State Forest, near Eatonville

With 14 miles of off-road-vehicle trails open year-round, the Elbe Hills Off-Road Vehicle trail system in our Elbe Hills State Forest draws about 10,000 visitors annually. DNR is building a new trailhead with 19 parking spaces, a truck and trailer pull through and turnaround, and buffers to protect ponds and wetlands.

For more information contact Nancy Barker by phone at 253-312-4301 or by email at

Manastash Ridge trails, near Ellensburg

DNR and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife are beginning to plan for the future of recreation on the Manastash Ridge trails outside Ellensburg. View a roster of our volunteer-based committee helping to make trail planning recommendations. View the committee ground rules. Meetings occur from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month at DNR's Southeast Region office, located at 713 Bowers Road in Ellensburg.

For more information, visit Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's web page or email

Middle Fork Snoqualmie Natural Resources Conservation Area, near North Bend

In collaboration with the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, DNR is expanding recreation opportunities in the 10,828-acre Middle Fork Snoqualmie Natural Resources Conservation Area, which protects native habitats and provides some of the state's most popular trailheads, like Mailbox Peak. DNR will be finishing the last 1.3 miles of the 5-mile hiking trail that accesses Mailbox Peak. Added features will include rock steps and view spots.

Another project within this natural area and a high priority in our Snoqualmie Corridor Recreation Plan, DNR's future Granite Creek Trailhead will provide access to the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River and Granite and Thomson Lakes, located in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. DNR is also in the process of reconstructing the Dirty Harry’s Peak Trail in collaboration with Washington Trails Association, the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, and the Access Fund.

For more information contact Sam Jarrett by phone at 206-375-0448 or by email at

North Mountain, near Darrington

In collaboration with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and the Darrington community, DNR is developing a mountain bike trail system on North Mountain near Darrington. To learn more about the project, visit our Web page.

For more information contact Glenn Glover by phone at 360-902-1604 or by email at

Olallie Trail, near North Bend

In partnership with Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, DNR has teamed with the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance to develop the approximately 9-mile Olallie Trail within Olallie State Park, on the north slopes of Mount Washington just east of North Bend.

For more information contact Sam Jarrett by phone at 206-375-0448 or by email at

Raging River State Forest, near Issaquah

This project will provide design of Snoqualmie Point Trailhead expansion and development of about 14 miles of trail in the Raging River State Forest. Directly across Highway 18 from Tiger Mountain and in the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, this future trail system will provide one of the most popular destinations for hikers and bikers in the entire state. Future connector trails will link to our existing 17-mile mountain bike trail system in East Tiger Mountain, King County's Taylor Mountain Forest, and the communities of Snoqualmie and North Bend.

For more information contact Sam Jarrett by phone at 206-375-0448 or by email at

Sadie Creek Trail System, near Port Angeles

DNR is planning to add a campground of eight to ten campsites to the Sadie Creek trailhead, which provides access to a 30-mile trail and road system with views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Vancouver, and the San Juan Islands. Future sites will accomodate RVs and camper trailers.

For more information contact Justin Zarzeczny by phone at 360-460-2075 or by email at

Tahuya State Forest, near Belfair

DNR's Tahuya State Forest, near Belfair, is open year-round with 15 miles of exisitng 4x4 trail. DNR will be adding 3 miles of new 4x4 trail and making renovations to 5 miles of 4x4 trails. In addition, we'll be adding 800 tons of rock piles for challenge trails and adding new signage and fencing.

For more information contact Jesse Sims by phone at 360-275-0189 or by email at

Walker Valley Off road vehicle Area, near Sedro Woolley

DNR is replacing an old trail bridge in the Walker Valley Off-road-vehicle Area, which has about 36 miles of motorcycle, ATV, 4x4, and UTV trail. The new bridge will serve ATV and motorcycle trail riders on a major loop trail in southern Walker Valley. Being installed by Washington Conservation Corps crews, the new bridge will enhance water quality protection and ensure rider safety by providing alternate options from navigating forest roads.

For more information contact Jim Cahill by phone at 360-854-2874 or by email at

Yacolt Burn State Forest, near Vancouver

DNR is adding 6 miles to the Hagen Creek Trail System, which opened in May 2015 as the first 4x4 trail system in the Yacolt Burn State Forest. The Hagen Creek Trail System also accommodates multiple types of off-road vehicles and features a rock gallery and amazing hilltop views.

For more information contact Ryan Schreiner by phone at 360-577-2025 or by email at