DNR Reopens Improved Samish Overlook
News Date: 
January 6, 2023

Upgrades to the popular Blanchard State Forest recreation site include rerouted road, increased parking

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources has reopened the Samish Overlook in Blanchard State Forest after a weeks-long closure for forest management operations.
The road to the popular recreation site has been rerouted to better maintain elevation and improve use for 2-wheel vehicles. Three parking spaces have been added, and the parking lines and bathrooms were repainted.
“The view from Samish Overlook is one of the most scenic in all of Washington state, and this work makes it easier for the public to discover its beauty,” said Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz, the public official who oversees DNR.
A section of the old road was steep, deeply rutted, and prohibitively expensive to regrade every few months. Rerouting about 1,000 feet of the road eliminates the problem.
“We’re excited to significantly improve this site and provide a better, safer experience for recreationists,” Franz said.
Some of the improvements were performed following the Midge timber sale, which provided revenue to support local services in Skagit County.
About 80,000 people visit Samish Overlook annually to paraglide, hang glide, sightsee or access 15 miles of trails.
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