Your Department of Natural Resources

Serving Washingtonians for more than 125 Years

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) history goes back to statehood, when federal lands were dedicated to the state to provide ongoing support for specific public institution beneficiaries.
DNR continues to fulfill this vision, though methods and the state’s land management needs have altered over time. Today, DNR serves the public through 11 unique divisions. Your DNR services are also provided through six upland region offices and three aquatic district offices located throughout the state of Washington. These offices ensure that local approaches can be used to meet agency and public needs. 


DNR supports seven boards and councils, multiple subcommittees, and has a robust (State Environmental Policy Act) SEPA process to ensure stakeholder engagement in key decisions. 
Each year, the agency invites accountability by issuing an annual report. Ongoing fiscal reports also provide the public with up-to-date data and information. 
As land managers, DNR is working to respond to environmental changes taking place across Washington in three ways. These include developing renewable energy resources on state lands, addressing the challenges of climate change, and creating renewable energy opportunities

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