Willapa Divide Natural Area Preserve

This 587-acre preserve along the upper reaches of the Grays River protects old growth silver fir, Western hemlock, and Western red cedar in three forest ecosystem types. This is one of the last undisturbed examples of this forest community in southwest Washington.  The understory includes Oregon oxalis, vanilla leaf, evergreen violet, Alaska huckleberry, sword fern and deer fern.  The stream and riparian systems on the preserve shelter species which depend on old growth natural forests such as the pacific giant salamander, copes giant salamander, and other amphibians.
Features Protected: Old growth silver fir, Western hemlock, and Western red cedar
Ecoregion: Northwest Coast (Pacific County)


Public and private universities, other research institutions and individual researchers may contact DNR to propose a research project at the site. If you are interested in pursuing research at Willapa Divide NAP, please contact David Wilderman, natural areas ecologist, at david.wilderman@dnr.wa.gov.  


Currently, no formal educational programs are available at Willapa Divide NAP. The site is not ADA accessible and facilities are not available. For more information, contact the DNR Pacific Cascade Region natural areas manager