Washington Geological Survey


Updated Pagesize Geologic Map of Washington

On May 13 we released an updated popular handout that includes a simplified geologic map of Washington on the front and a short summary of the geologic history of Washington on the back.

Volcano Interactive Web Guide

On May 13 we published an interactive web guide to our volcano website content that is meant to be an educational resource. Click here to access this resource and related educational content.

Washington 100 Geotourism Website

On May 10 we released a new geotourism website that tells the geologic stories of 100 great places to see geology in Washington. Click here to go to the website and start exploring!

Tsunami Hazard Maps of the Puget Sound

On April 26 we published new tsunami hazard maps of the Puget Sound and adjacent waters, showing modeled tsunami inundation and current speed. Click here to download the maps and pamphlet.

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