Do Business and Get Permits

The Department of Natural Resources works to support thiving and sustainable economic opportunities throughout the state of Washington.

Do you need a burn permit?

The Department of Natural Resources regulates outdoor burning on all forestlands where DNR provides wildfire protection. See Outdoor Burning Permits.

Bid on a project

The Department of Natural Resources contracts with the private sector to meet various specialized needs.  We have a variety of avenues to contract with DNR available including but not limited to:

Become a partner

To generate revenue for public services and restoration efforts DNR leases land and sells natural resource products. Lease opportunities include agriculture and grazing, energy, communications towersmining, shellfish aquaculture, or marina, dock or pier access. Products cover timber, biomass, razor clams, geoducksbrush and salal, and others.

Find resources

The department provides private entities with resources to help them incorporate resource stewardship as a part of their business practices.
  • Purchase commercial forest tree seedlings through the Webster Forest Nursery.
  • Access Small Forest Landowner Office resources such as the Family Forest Fish Passage Program, Forest Stewardship Program, Rivers and Habitat Open Space Program, and Riparian Easement Program.
  • Use The Small Business Guide to find information about establishing, expanding and operating a small business in Washington state.

Get a permit or license

DNR grants burn permits when burning on forestlands protected by DNR is appropriate, and permits for harvesting timber, building bridges or roads, and other forest activities as applicants are able to meet necessary requirements. When small forest landowners aren't able to meet these requirements at a specific site they may apply from an alternate plan permit, which allows for more flexibility. Very limited firewood gathering permits are also available to the public. DNR also grants rights-of-way authorizations for a fee and provides oversight of dredgingmooring buoys, and mining reclamation activities.
Planning an event on DNR managed land or at a DNR recreation site? A recreation permit may be required according to WAC 332-52-205. Please contact the district in which you would like to hold your event for permit details. 

Find guidance

DNR protects the State's natural resources by providing processes, rules, and guidance for timber harvests and other forest activities and through its compliance with the State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA).

Get Authorized

Those looking to explore for geothermal resources or oil and gas in Washington need authorization from the Washington Geological Survey.