Bone River Natural Area Preserve

This 2,800 acre preserve contains the finest salt marshes remaining in Willapa Bay, and includes tideflats freshwater streams, freshwater wetlands and conifer forests, sloughs, freshwater streams, freshwater wetlands and conifer forests. The preserve provides critically important waterfowl habitat, supports the federally-threatened marbled murrelet and state sensitive bald eagle, and hosts runs of steelhead and coho salmon.
Features Protected: Four types of salt marsh ecosystems (low salinity high marsh; moderate salinity high marsh; sandy, moderate salinity low marsh; and silty, moderate salinity low marsh) and associated plant communities.
Ecoregion:  Northwest Coast   (Pacific County)

Landscape is abloom with color.Science, Research and Monitoring

Public and private universities, other research institutions and individual researchers may contact DNR to propose a research project at the site. If you are interested in pursuing research at Bone River NAP, please contact David Wilderman, natural areas ecologist, at
Examples of science and research monitoring projects
  • Gisler, S. and  M. Gisler. 2005. Habitat assessments for Reintroduction of Henderson’s Checkermallow. Native Plant Society of Oregon Field Research Grants Report. 

Environmental Education and Public Access

Currently no formal educational programs are available at Bone River NAP. The site is not ADA accessible and facilities are not available. For more information, contact the DNR Pacific Cascade Region natural areas manager.