Rural Communities Partnership Initiative

Prosperity Across All of Washington

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As Commissioner of Public Lands, I supervise a profound amount of resources, both in terms of land and staff and agency expertise.  
The Rural Communities Partnership Initiative is about recognizing that these resources can spark economic development in our local communities.
Our working lands – and the communities that depend on them for family-wage jobs – are integral to our success as a state, and we must invest in their success. 
Last year, I invited communities to partner with DNR on economic development. 
I went around the state and asked, “How can DNR help”? 
I said, “Give us your best ideas, because DNR is investing in good ideas.” Communities know best what they need, they just may lack the resources for big economic initiatives.
To date, we’ve received over 80 proposals for sustainable development opportunities, opportunities that will be made possible by leveraging DNR assets and expertise. 
On March 13, I announced our first four RCPI partnerships, which include investments of $3.5 million to create lasting and sustainable opportunities in our rural communities.
We are just getting started, and I cannot wait to announce more projects in the months to come. 
In partnership,
Hilaty Franz
The Rural Communities Partnership Initiative is led by
Josh Wilund, Senior Strategic Advisor to Commissioner Franz

RCPI is an ongoing initiative

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