Past Research and Monitoring

Climate change, land management, and potential northern spotted owl habitat in coastal Washington

  • Project Goal: With stakeholder input this project examines trends in socio-ecological values under different climate and management assumptions across all lands in coastal Washington
  • Principal investigator: Jessica Halofsky (University of Washington); Co-principal investigators: Dominique Bachelet (Conservation Biology Institute), David Conklin (Common Futures), Joshua Halofsky (DNR), Miles Hemstrom (Institute for Natural Resources) 
  • Resources provided by: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Northwest Climate Science Center, DNR
  • Start date: 1/15/2013
  • Project status: Complete
  • Final report

Literature database on natural disturbance regimes on the western Olympic Peninsula

  • Through this project, DNR’s partner identifies and evaluates existing sources of information on natural disturbance regimes on the western Olympic Peninsula and develops an electronic literature database.
  • Principal investigators: Steven Wondzell and Peter Bisson (Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station)
  • Duration: April 2010 to May 2011
  • Funding was provided by Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station
  • The database is available upon request. See database description.

Providing long-term hydrological and meteorological data for the Olympic Experimental State Forest

  • Long-term data on temperature and stream flow from local monitoring stations are made available through a central portal at
  • Project Coordinator: Teodora Minkova (DNR)
  • Duration: Continuous transfer of data; the data transfer process was developed in 2010 and revised in 2012
  • Funding was provided by Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station and DNR
  • Data are updated monthly through an automated process managed by DNR
  • Data from this process have been used in a recently published nationwide study on stream flow responses to climate change and in a synthesis on long-term air temperature trends