Small Forest Landowner Office
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westside forest
Small forest landowners own 3.2 million acres of Washington forests – about half the private forestland in the state. The Small Forest Landowner Office supports those landowners by offering assistance to promote the economic and ecological viability of their lands.

Assistance Programs

  • Family Forest Fish Passage program assists landowners by replacing culverts and other stream crossing structures that keep trout, salmon, and other fish from reaching upstream habitat.
  • Forestry Riparian Easement program compensates eligible landowners in exchange for a 50-year easement on “qualifying timber.”
  • Forest Stewardship program provides advice and technical assistance to help family forest owners manage their lands.
  • Rivers and Habitat Open Space program acquires permanent forestland conservation easements for unconfined channel migration zones and habitat that is critical for state threatened or endangered species.
We are dedicated to providing you with useful and focused information about managing forestland and opportunities for learning. We are here to answer any and all questions you may have.
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