Funding Schools and Services
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The 5.6 million acres of trust and state-owned lands managed by DNR support numerous beneficiaries, each with its own designated resource lands. About 800,000 forested acres are managed to support local public services in several counties, 2.6 million acres are aquatic areas managed to support restoration efforts, and more than 2 million acres are federally granted trust lands -- forests, agricultural lands and various commercial properties -- that produce revenue for specific trust beneficiaries.
The major trusts for which DNR manages lands are:
Common School trust – supports construction of public kindergarten through 12th-grade public schools statewide
University trust – supports the University of Washington
Normal School trust – supports Western, Central, and Eastern Washington state universities, and The Evergreen State College
Agricultural School trust – supports Washington State University
Scientific School trust – also supports Washington State University
Capitol Building trust – supports state buildings at the Capitol in Olympia
Charitable, Educational, Penal and Reformatory Institutions (CEP&RI) trust – supports institutions managed by the state Departments of Corrections and Social and Health Services
State Forest Transfer and Purchase trusts – supports local public services in several counties, mostly in western Washington.