Survey Advisory Board

The Survey Advisory Board encourages and regulates the use of state mapping and surveying systems.
This board works with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) -- the state’s official agency for surveys and maps -- to advise state agencies, counties, municipalities, registered engineers, and land surveyors about:
  • Recovering section corners or other land boundary marks
  • Understanding monument standards
  • Facilitating and encouraging the use of the Washington State coordinate system
  • Promoting the use of the national geodetic network
The state law that created this board (RCW 58.24.020), also names DNR as the state’s official agency for surveys and maps.
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The Board meets one to four times a year, or as needed.


December 8, 2016


August 11, 2016


April 13, 2016


December 9, 2015


August 12, 2015


April 19, 2015


December 10, 2014


August 7, 2014


April 16, 2014