Publications and Data
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We now announce the release of all of our publications and other news solely through our blog, Washington State Geology News. If you'd like to receive automatic notification when we publish something new, you can subscribe by email on the blog itself, or directly here. Note that we will not send any actual publications through this mailing list—we will only notify you that they have been released.

Some Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources publications are in print. They can be purchased from the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services ""myFULFILLMENT" online store.

Since its creation in 1890, the Division has released over 1,000 publications. We now offer multiple methods for locating your publication or map of interest. The Washington State Geologic Information Portal contains interactive earth science mapping, data, and related information on several topics. Each theme map below contains related layers. You can switch between theme maps from inside the application.
Here you will find geologic data in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other formats.