Timber Sale Query/Log Prices
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Timber Sale Query

The Department of Natural Resources' (DNR's) Timber Sale Web Search Application helps prospective purchasers identify state timber sales that meet their needs. The timeframe for the tool is the current month plus the next two months. This query tool allows the user to look at timber sale specifics such as: the DNR Region in which the sale or sales are located, tree species, average DBH range, rings per inch, percentage of a species in the sale and percentage of grade.
The query tool uses dropdown menus to make choices. Instructions are available on the query site by clicking on the ‘user documentation’ in the bottom left of the query page, or to the right under Files.

Survey Prices for 'Delivered Logs'

DNR conducts a ‘Delivered Log Price Survey’ each month, receiving ‘Street Price’ quotes from selected forest product producers and purchasers in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. The prices are aggregated by species and log grades. Price summaries are published by marketing area within Washington. The log price tables list the average, range and the number of “quotes” received for each species and grade. Log prices are for domestically processed logs and reflect what the purchaser is willing to pay for a log delivered at the mill. All links below are to PDF documents.
NOTE: The log price quotes gathered by DNR are received anonymously and not available for distribution. Prices are for informational purposes only, and may not reflect what any given mill or purchaser is actually willing to pay for a log.