Provide Equipment and Services for Fire Suppression
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The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is currently reviewing our contracts and not accepting new agreements at this time, please check back in January 2016.
These agreements are 'Call When Needed' and not a mandatory use contract. DNR will establish a roster of qualified, trained, and available vendors who can provide equipment and personnel upon request by DNR. 

Here’s how to obtain a 'Call When Needed' Agreement from DNR

Step 1:  Determine and download as a PDF which agreement you will need for your equipment/services. If you have trouble downloading the agreement or would prefer a paper copy mailed to you, please contact Megan Fitzgerald-McGowan at 360-902-1317.
  • Bus (102KB PDF)– Transportation services for hauling fire crews
  • Helicopter (113KB PDF) – Type 1, 2, or 3 helicopters that are USFS/USDI certified
  • Mobile Kitchens (299KB PDF) – Mobile kitchens capable of feeding at least 250 people per hour
  • Miscellaneous (112KB PDF) – Hand washing stations, various administration trailers, laundry trailers, heavy equipment, potable water trucks, etc.
  • Portable Toilets (103KB PDF) – Portable toilets with pumping service
  • Showers (120KB PDF) – Mobile shower trailers with at least 6 shower heads
**Please note that engines and non-potable water trucks need to obtain a USFS Region 6 Water and Tender Agreement** with the U.S Forest Service.
Step 2:  Read the entire Agreement
The agreement serves as contract guidelines. It is the responsibility of each prospective cooperator to read the entire agreement. Please note the date that the agreement expires and the insurance requirements.
Also please review the checklist to be sure you have all the forms filled out appropriately.
Step 3:  Complete the Agreement
Be sure to completely fill out the forms and then sign and initial where indicated. Once completed, return your agreement along with a copy of insurance certificates by mail to:
     DNR-Resource Protection Division
     ATTN: "Call When Needed"
     MS 47307
     Olympia, WA 98504-7307