Teal Slough Natural Resources Conservation Area

This small site, located near the mouth of the Naselle River, supports a remnant coastal old growth forest represented by ancient western red-cedar and Sitka spruce trees. This forest provides homes for marbled murrelets and spotted owls, as well as for Dunn’s and Van Dyke’s salamanders, Vaux’s swifts, and pileated woodpeckers. Easily accessible from Highway 101, and adjacent to a larger conservation landscape, the site has a high potential for educational purposes to illustrate a coastal forest ecosystem. 
Features Protected: Sitka spruce/salal forest community, Dunn’s salamander, Van Dyke’s salamander, marbled murrelet, northern spotted owl, Vaux’s swift, pileated woodpecker. 
Ecoregion: Northwest Coast (Pacific County) 


Public and private universities, other research institutions and individual researchers may contact DNR to propose a research project at the site. If you are interested in pursuing research at Teal Slough NRCA, please contact David Wilderman, natural areas ecologist, at david.wilderman@dnr.wa.gov.  


Currently, no formal educational programs are available at Teal Slough NRCA. The site is not ADA accessible and facilities are not available. For more information, contact the DNR Pacific Cascade Region natural areas manager.