Story Maps

Here is the Washington Geological Survey's Story Map collection. Click on the images to open the narratives.

This narrative features over 50 intriguing lidar images that help illustrate how geologists in Washington are using this fascinating technology to study the landscape. With imagery, maps and video, this story follows the devastating deluge of the Missoula floods as it tore across the landscape, from its origins in western Montana to its terminus at the Pacific Ocean. This rockhounding guide features maps, photos, and information on where to search for minerals and fossils in Washington State.
Learn about data preservation while browsing images of hundred-year-old field notebooks from across Washington. Use the interactive map to search for notebooks by location and then look inside to uncover their observations. Explore how lidar is used to map natural hazards and inform critical decisions. View the various types of lidar data that we have, the next areas we want to get lidar from, and our plan to collect lidar from all over the state. Learn about the intersection between wildfires and alluvial fans in Klickitat County. This story map accompanies Report of Investigations 44 and the related mapping data on the Geologic Information Portal.