20-Year Forest Health Strategic Plan: Eastern Washington

We have a forest health crisis in our state. And because of our forest health crisis, we are seeing more catastrophic wildfires. Hot, dry conditions coupled with diseased and dying forests are leading to explosive wildfires, which threaten our communities and fill our summer skies with smoke.
In Eastern Washington alone, we have 2.7 million acres of unhealthy forest. That’s why, under the leadership of Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz, more than 33 organizations and agencies have come together to address our forest health crisis through a 20-Year Forest Health Strategic Plan. This plan, grounded in science, sets a bold goal of restoring 1.25 million acres of forest to healthily conditions, increasing fire resilience and better protecting our communities. This ambitious scale of forest restoration is unprecedented in our state.
By actively managing our forests – using strategies such as prescribed burns and thinning – we can restore forests to a more natural and resilient condition. We can bring our forests back to health, boost jobs in rural Washington, and reduce the threat of wildfires.
Through cooperation and the sharing of experience and expertise, we can achieve a future where our forests are safer and more productive.

Growing Awareness: Editorial Boards Across Washington Weigh-In on Forest Health


Download the full 20-Year Forest Health Strategic Plan / Eastern Washington (9MB PDF).