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COVID-19 Employee Updates, Information and Resources

As we follow the development of COVID-19 in our state, we are committed to providing DNR employees with access to accurate and timely information. Please continue to check this page for official updates and information about COVID-19's impacts on the agency from executive management. 
COVID-19 UPDATE – 2021
For more than a year, we have been affected by COVID-19 and the changes it has made to how we do the business of the agency: telework, rigorous PPE protocol, stay home and stay healthy orders, children learning at home and so much more. We are not out of the woods yet.
Since March of 2020, DNR has periodically reviewed our PPE protocol and other issues that impact employee health and safety, revisited CDC and the state Department of Health guidelines, and set up the Safe Start workgroup and the telework policy workgroup. The diligence of staff and management has created an environment where exposure at work has been infrequent and quick action by all involved has led to proper quarantine and procedures to protect the health and safety of DNR team members. Thank you to all who have been so diligent and safe as we navigate unchartered waters. Our vigilance and dedication to staying safe and healthy is just as important today as ever.
Two critical pieces of information: 
  1. DNR will remain in its current Tier 1 status through July 5, 2021.  With the help of our Safe Start work group, we will review CDC, health department and other information and reevaluate this status as needed. Information about steps to a Safe Start can be found here
  2. While the CDC has offered some alternative quarantine times (7 or 10 days) if an employee believes they have been exposed to a confirmed positive COVID-19 case, DNR will continue with the CDC and DOH guidance of a 14-day quarantine. Consistency and abundance of caution in these uncertain times drove this decision. As always, please promptly contact your supervisor or appointing authority if you believe you have been exposed, were exposed or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
As a reminder, updated information on COVID-19 is included in the DNR Weekly email delivered to all staff every Wednesday. You can send any questions or concerns directly to Katy.Taylor@dnr.wa.gov, chief operating officer.









  • Staying safe and healthy online
  • Working remotely
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • To forward your office phone calls to an external phone, such as your work cell:
    • ​Activate speakerphone or pick up the phone receiver
    • Dial #00 (this sets the forwarding command)
    • Dial 9 -- area code -- phone number you wish to forward your calls to
    • You will hear a series of beeps that confirms the forward went through
    • To release the forward, press #00 (this clears all forwarding commands)
  • How to remotely access your voicemail (902 numbers in the NRB only)
  • Remote password resets/lockout
    • If you have been locked out of the network and/or you need your password reset, please use your supervisor to contact the ITD Service Desk. Your supervisor will need to submit a request to reset the password. This process is needed to ensure security as we have no other remote way to confirm your identity.
    • We strongly suggest if you haven't reset your password recently, you should do so now. ​​
  • Citrix access instructions​​
  • VPN access instructions
    • Note: Employees must be at their workstations (NRB or region offices) to activate their VPN access for the first time.
  • Taking computer equipment home:
    • ALL DNR EMPLOYEES who will be taking their computer equipment home, you will need to follow the below steps (Laptop users have already done this step):
      • ​​Fill out this form​ before people take home their equipment
      • List monitors, desktop computers, keyboards, mouse, etc
      • If you're just taking your monitor, you'll need the form completed as well
      • Have your supervisor sign the form
      • Scan and email the signed form to: dnrdlitsupportstaff@dnr.wa.gov
      • In order for DNR Employees with desktop computers to take their desktop computers home and use VPN to access the DNR Network, the first step is to install BIG-IP Client software to each machine.  DNR Laptops already have this software installed, so nothing needs to be done by those employees.



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