Forestry Contracts Pre-qualification Applications

Contract Harvesting

DNR's selection of harvesters is a two-step process. First, we process responses to our Request For Statement of Qualifications (RFSOQ) to establish a pool of qualified harvesters and identify their working areas---the due date for submitting an RFSOQ is the 15th of each month. A harvester qualified through our RFSOQ process remains in our eligible harvester pool for two years from the date of qualification. Successfully qualifying does not guarantee work. Next, we send out a Request For Quotes (RFQ) to qualified harvesters as contract harvest sales occur.

Wildfire Fuel Reduction Contracts

Bidding information is available for harvesting contractors interested in wildfire fuel reduction projects. Various federally funded programs award contracts for wildfire fuel reduction projects in key areas of the state that are vulnerable to catastrophic wildfire.
Invitations to Bid on Wildfire Fuel Reduction Contracts - None at this time.