With Land Exchange Approved, DNR to Auction 2 Clallam County Properties
News Date: 
February 5, 2019

The Board of Natural Resources approved the transaction Tuesday, bringing land in Skagit County into the Common School Trust

The state Board of Natural Resources approved a land exchange Tuesday morning, preparing two Clallam County parcels for auction while adding land in Skagit County to the Common School Trust.
The transaction has a pair of benefits: The exchange will ensure that the Skagit County property’s future revenues go to support K-12 education projects across the state, and it will also broaden the Clallam County tax base by putting both properties into private ownership. The revenue from the properties being auctioned off will be used to purchase replacement trust lands in the state that have a greater potential to generate revenue or appreciate in value.
“With this transaction, we continue to support public education while strengthening communities and conserving working forestland,” said Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz, the elected official who oversees the Washington State Department of Natural Resources and serves as chair of the state Board of Natural Resources.
One of the Clallam County properties that will be auctioned is a 7.2-acre tract near Dungeness, north of Sequim, that is undeveloped and mostly pasture. The property is not currently leased and produces no trust revenue. The other parcel is a 67.6-acre tract of forested land just southwest of Port Angeles along Fors Road, which is not currently leased.
The auction for both properties is tentatively scheduled for March 27 in Port Angeles.
As part of the land exchange, the Common School Trust will gain a 57.5 percent interest in the 368-acre Briarwood parcel southeast of Mount Vernon in Skagit County. DNR intends to eventually make all of the Briarwood parcel part of the Common School Trust through future land exchanges, which must be performed at a dollar-for-dollar value.
Web links
Summaries of the land transactions, including maps and photos of the sites, are on the DNR website at dnr.wa.gov/about/boards-and-councils/board-natural-resources. Further details for the auctions can be found at dnr.wa.gov/managed-lands/land-transactions.
About DNR
Administered by Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz, DNR manages more than 5.6 million acres of state-owned forest, range, commercial, agricultural, conservation, and aquatic lands. Of these, more than half are held in trust to produce income to support public schools and other essential services. State trust lands managed by DNR provide other public benefits, including outdoor recreation, habitat for native fish and wildlife, and watersheds for clean water.
Kenny Ocker
Communications Manager
Department of Natural Resources