DNR to Acquire 264 Acres of Forestland in Southwest Washington, Olympic Peninsula
News Date: 
September 5, 2023

Transactions include more than 200 acres purchased with encumbered lands money appropriated to DNR by the Legislature

The Board of Natural Resources approved the acquisition of 264 acres of Western Washington forestland in four transactions during its monthly meeting Tuesday morning in Olympia.
The Washington State Department of Natural Resources will pay for the two largest purchases, totaling more than 200 acres in Pacific and Clallam counties, with funds that the Legislature allocated to DNR to help replace lands encumbered by habitat protection requirements under the Endangered Species Act.
The third purchase, in Cowlitz County, is funded by the proceeds of prior sales of state lands, and the fourth transaction accepted a donation of lands in Clark County.
“It is critical for my department to continue to sustainably support schools and critical local services and to keep working forests working for generations to come, and these transactions will do exactly that,” said Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz.
In Pacific County, DNR is purchasing a 128-acre parcel 22 miles southeast of Raymond for $600,000. The parcel, which is adjacent to state Route 6, is already connected to DNR’s road system in the area, and DNR-managed lands surround it on three sides. The parcel is designated to support local services in Pacific County.
In Clallam County, DNR is purchasing an 81.8-acre parcel 1 mile southeast of Forks for $250,000. The parcel is an inholding, surrounded on all sides by DNR-managed lands, and it will be designated to support local services in Clallam County.
In Cowlitz County, DNR is purchasing a 40-acre parcel 20 miles east of Woodland for $230,000. The parcel is an inholding and surrounded on three sides by DNR-managed lands, and it will be designated to support the Common School Trust, which funds K-12 education across Washington state.
In Clark County, DNR is receiving a 14-acre donation of forestland along Buncombe Hollow Road south of Lake Merwin. The land, which is adjacent to other lands DNR manages, will support the Common School Trust. DNR will pay the closing costs for the transaction.
DNR has been active in purchasing forestlands in Southwest Washington recently. During its July meeting, the Board approved the purchase of 114 acres in Wahkiakum County, and in June, the Board approved the purchase of 640 acres of forestland in neighboring Clark County. DNR also added 266 acres of land in Wahkiakum County in 2021.
For decades, DNR has continued acquiring forestlands across the state to support schools and counties. Since 1980, the department has added more than 100,000 acres of sustainably managed forestland to public ownership through its transactions program.
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