Trio of Land Transactions, Including $1.65 Million Purchase, Approved
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July 2, 2019

630-acre purchase in Skagit County, land swaps in Kitsap, Clallam and Grays Harbor counties passed by Board of Natural Resources

The Board of Natural Resources approved a $1.65 million land purchase and two land exchanges at its meeting Tuesday, with all three transactions increasing access to public lands in Western Washington and making them easier to manage.
“These transactions are an investment in the future of Washington’s public lands,” said Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz, the elected official who oversees the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR). “By putting our lands into bigger blocks – instead of smaller, disconnected parcels – they are easier to manage, generate more money for our schools, and provide richer recreational opportunities.”
The combined transactions will add 403 acres of land to the state’s holdings, and all three parcels being acquired adjoin large blocks managed by DNR. Since 1980, DNR’s land exchange program has produced a net gain of 101,875 acres of forestland across the state.
Here are the details on each of the transactions approved by the board, which is chaired by Franz:
West Cavanaugh purchase, Skagit County
DNR will purchase a 630-acre parcel of land northwest of Lake Cavanaugh from Weyerhaeuser for $1.65 million. The land will connect two currently separated pieces of DNR-managed land there, and it has access via a county road. 
The land will be put into DNR’s Land Bank, which will allow the agency to use it to support its trust beneficiaries.
North Green Land Exchange, Kitsap County
DNR will receive a 33-acre parcel on the northern end of the Green Mountain State Forest west of Bremerton in exchange for a 10-acre parcel adjacent to state Route 16 in southern Kitsap County, near Olalla.
The 33-acre parcel to be acquired, currently owned by Tallman, LLC, is along the primary road to access the northern end of Green Mountain State Forest, and will provide increased access to the forest and its resources.
The 10-acre parcel was inherited by the state through escheat after its owner, George Harper, died without an heir in 1929. It is zoned for rural residential use.
Dry Hill Land Exchange, Clallam and Grays Harbor counties
DNR will receive a 61-acre parcel along U.S. Highway 101 just east of Port Angeles along the Dry Hill block in exchange for an isolated 311-acre parcel north of Aberdeen.
The 61-acre parcel, currently owned by the Anderson & Middleton Co., includes the main entrance point to the Dry Hill block, which has more than 3,000 acres of DNR-managed land. By acquiring this land, it protects the property from being developed and avoids a potential further cost of having to create another access point to the block.
The 311-acre parcel in Grays Harbor County is part of a section received when Washington became a state in 1889, and it is not near other DNR-managed lands, making it more challenging to manage.
The 61-acre parcel will benefit the Common School Trust, which supports the construction of K-12 schools across Washington state. The future land appreciation of the Clallam County parcel is expected to be greater than the Grays Harbor County parcel.
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