Commissioner Franz Calls On Trump Administration To Withdraw Its Offshore Drilling Proposal
News Date: 
February 15, 2018

Letter to Secretary Zinke highlights that oil and gas infrastructure will need DNR approval to cross state lands Olympia

Today, Hilary Franz, Commissioner of Public Lands, sent a letter to the Secretary of the Interior stating her opposition to oil and gas drilling off of Washington’s coast.
The Department of Natural Resources manages 2.6 million acres of public aquatic lands, including submerged lands from the coast out to three miles, where federal jurisdiction begins.
Any company seeking to drill off of Washington’s coast would likely seek approval for pipelines, cables, or other oil and gas infrastructure to cross state-owned aquatic lands. Commissioner Franz’s letter makes clear that any use of state-owned aquatic lands must be in the best interest of Washington State.
“Given the danger offshore drilling poses to our environment and economy, I do not foresee how any proposal to use our aquatic lands to service offshore wells is in the best interest of Washington,” said Commissioner Hilary Franz, “Our public lands and waters belong to all of us.
They are not assets to be plundered, leaving Washingtonians with the mess.”
A copy of Commissioner Franz’s letter is available here.
In January, the Trump administration released the 2019-2024 draft plan to drill for oil and gas in U.S. waters. Commissioner Franz’s submitted her letter to Secretary Zinke and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, which is accepting public comments on the draft plan.
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