Peninsula Land Exchange

Proposed Peninsula Land Exchange 86-097165

DNR desires to reposition certain parcels of state trust land on the Olympic Peninsula in Clallam and Grays Harbor counties to create sustainable state forest landscapes. This exchange will consolidate state trust lands to improve management efficiency, enhance road access, and maintain or enhance marketing options for forest products. DNR will trade up to 1,279 acres of trust land and DNR will receive up to 2,047 acres of Merrill and Ring property.
The exchange will: 
• Consolidate state trust lands in Clallam and Jefferson counties into more manageable locations to increase their operational efficiency.  
• Enhance forest biodiversity through consolidating forestlands that will be managed under DNR’s Habitat Conservation Plan and Policies for Sustainable Forestry.
• Enhance the sustainability of working forest landscapes to provide for future generations.
• Create enhanced options for future public recreation through larger consolidated landscapes. 
• Reduce the number of isolated trust parcels that are less efficient for long-term state trust management.
This exchange involves two state trusts: Common School Trust (builds public schools statewide) and State Forest Land Trust (supports county services). All exchange lands are located in Clallam, Jefferson, and Grays Harbor counties.
Public Hearing — September 5, 2019
DNR will hold a public hearing starting at 6 p.m., Thursday, September 5, 2019, at the Port Angeles Senior Center, 328 E. Seventh St., Port Angeles, WA 98362. The purpose of the hearing is to provide information and receive public testimony on the proposed Peninsula Land Exchange. 
Written testimony must be received by September 20, 2019. Please mail written testimony to: DNR, Peninsula Land Exchange, Attn: Bob Winslow, P.O. Box 47014, Olympia, WA 98504-7014, or email to: For more information about the proposal, contact Project Manager Bob Winslow at 360-902-1622. 
Additional Information
Exchange Summary
State Parcel Ortho Maps and MR Parcel Ortho Maps are posted below under the appropriate map.
map 1
  S-CL02      S-CL03      S-CL04      S-CL06      S-CL07      S-CL08      S-CL09      S-CL10     E-CL-10
         E-CL-11     E-CL-12     E-CL-13     E-CL-14     E-CL-15     E-CL-16     E-CL-17     E-CL-33

map 2
   E-CL-02    E-CL-03     E-CL-04     E-CL-07     E-CL-08     E-CL-09     E-CL-14     E-CL-15     E-CL-16 
   E-CL-17    E-CL-18     E-CL-23     E-CL-24     E-CL-25     E-CL-26     E-JF-29     E-JF-30     E-JF-31

map 3
                            E-JF-27     E-JF-29     E-JF-30     E-JF-31     E-JF-32     S-GH15