Casey Road Exchange

Casey Road Land Exchange - DNR #86-097952

DNR desires to reposition certain parcels of State trust land in Cowlitz County to consolidate State trust lands, improve management efficiency, and maintain or enhance marketing options for forest products. DNR will trade up to 40 +/- acres of state trust land and will receive up to 80 +/- acres of RSG lands.     
The exchange will:
  • Consolidate State trust lands in Cowlitz County into more manageable locations to increase operational efficiency of these lands. 
  • Enhance forest biodiversity through consolidating forestlands that will be managed under DNR’s Habitat Conservation Plan and Policies for Sustainable Forestry.
  • Enhance the sustainability of working forest landscapes to provide for future generations.
  • Create enhanced options for future public recreation through larger consolidated landscapes.
  • Reduce the number of isolated trust parcels that are less efficient for long-term State trust management.
This exchange will support the Common School Trust.  All exchange lands are located in Cowlitz County.
State Trust Properties
  • The State trust lands are mostly forestland managed for timber production. 
  • The exchange property is an edge-holding to RSG forest lands.
  • Trust lands are held and managed by the Department of Natural Resources for the purpose of generating revenue for both current and future beneficiaries, as mandated by both the Federal Enabling Act and the State Constitution. Where possible, DNR manages for multiple benefits such as recreation and protecting habitat and water quality.
  • Acreage of the State trust land parcel is 40 +/- acres.
RSG Properties
  • The RSG property to be traded is forestland, managed as private timberland.
  • The RSG property is a complete in-holding within DNR-managed trust lands.
  • Acreage of the RSG land parcel is 80 +/- acres.
Public Information and Outreach
  • DNR will hold a public hearing for the Casey Road Exchange to share information and to receive information and testimony from the public. The hearing will occur on Thursday, October 10, 2019, and will start at 6 p.m., at the following location:
Castle Rock Fire Station
146 A Street SW
Castle Rock, WA  98611  
  • Contact DNR staff if you are aware of cultural resource issues associated with specific trust parcels, or if there are features present on specific DNR trust lands that merit consideration of these parcels to be used for open space, park, school, or critical habitat purposes.   
  • Following the evaluation of hearing testimony and a property appraisal, DNR and RSG will finalize an exchange proposal to present to the Board of Natural Resources for a final decision at one of its regularly scheduled monthly meetings. The Board meeting provides an additional opportunity for public comment.