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Wildfire is a special concern if you live in the wildland-urban interface − where houses and towns are built near forests. Creating defensible space and fire-resistant landscapes can help keep your home safe from wildfires. Your local landscaping, nursery, and building professionals can help you make your home safer from wildfire. These professionals can provide you details on fire resistant designs, materials, and or plants that fit your pocketbook and needs. The national program, Firewise, will also give fire prevention information to you and other homeowners who live where wildfire risks are high.

A free video and brochure about the importance of fire-safe landscaping are available. A list of fire-resistant plants is also available.

You can find out about proposed exchanges, transfers, or auctions of DNR land, who’s leasing DNR land, and other activities on the lands we manage. You can also find out about proposed timber harvests on DNR managed land and private forest land.



rec_map_a.pdf   Concept A Map  (4.32 MB  PDF)
Concept A Map

aqr_qtrmstr_mooringbuoys_page1_20110613.pdf   Quartermaster Harbor Moorage Management Plan - Draft Map Page 1  (2.08 MB  PDF)
Quartermaster Harbor Moorage Management Plan - Draft Map Page 1

amp_rec_sites_reducedservices2009.pdf   Reduced Services at DNR Recreation Sites  (686.9 KB  PDF)
Reduced Services at DNR Recreation Sites - updated map

amp_rec_sites_reducedservices2009.jpg   Reduced services at DNR recreation sites  (1.09 MB  JPG)
Updated map of reduced services at DNR recreation sites

amp_rec_reiter_topo_map.pdf   Topographical map—Draft Reiter Foothills Forest Recreation Plan  (459.9 KB  PDF)
Topographical map—Draft Reiter Foothills Forest Recreation Plan


amp_rec_fwp_req_form.docx   Forest Watch Patrol Request Form  (73.0 KB  DOCX)
Forest Watch Patrol Request Form that must be completed and turned in to the DNR representative in advance for approval and support.

amp_rec_observation_report.pdf   Forest Watch Program Observation Report  (145.5 KB  PDF)
Forest Watch Program Observation Report for volunteers.

amp_rec_daily_stat_rpt.docx   Forest Watch Program Daily Statistic Report  (134.7 KB  DOCX)
Forest Watch Program Daily Statistic Report for volunteers.

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