Fire Information & Prevention
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 Fire Information & Prevention 

Fire Information & Prevention -- Wildland fire. 

We are the State of Washington’s largest on-call fire department. Our 1,200 permanent and temporary employees fight fires on more than 13 million acres of private and state-owned forest lands. Our fire protection and safety equipment requirements help your local fire district respond to wildfires. We also work with the National Weather Service to provide the fire weather forecasts and fire precaution levels that firefighters, forest landowners, the forest industry, and you need.

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Wildfire Prevention
Did you know that 85 percent of Washington’s wildfires are caused by people? Be careful and help prevent wildfires. 

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amp_rec_ltmurray_greendot_map08_2010.pdf   LT Murray Cooperative Road Mgmt Area Map (March 2013)  (1.48 MB  PDF)
LT Murray Cooperative Road Mgmt Area revised (March 2013). For SE region recreation page.

rp_fire_phaseII_2011_map.pdf   High and Moderate Fire Risk Areas  (169.5 KB  PDF)
WUI High Risk Communities and Statewide Assessment High and Moderate Risk Areas in Washington, July 2011

amp_rec_sites_reducedservices2009.pdf   Reduced Services at DNR Recreation Sites  (686.9 KB  PDF)
Reduced Services at DNR Recreation Sites - updated map

amp_rec_sites_reducedservices2009.jpg   Reduced services at DNR recreation sites  (1.09 MB  JPG)
Updated map of reduced services at DNR recreation sites

amp_rec_naneum_west_greendot_dec08.pdf   Naneum Ridge State Forest — West Green Dot Road Map | December 2008  (1.62 MB  PDF)
Naneum Ridge State Forest — West Green Dot Road Map | December 2008


fp_policy_tfw_workload_82014.pdf   TFW Policy Committee – Monthly Workload  (109.5 KB  PDF)
TFW Policy Committee – Monthly Workload

rp_fire_ffpindex.pdf   Firefighter Property Program  (94.8 KB  PDF)
Firefighter Property Program Instructions.

amp_rec_fwp_req_form.docx   Forest Watch Patrol Request Form  (73.0 KB  DOCX)
Forest Watch Patrol Request Form that must be completed and turned in to the DNR representative in advance for approval and support.

amp_rec_observation_report.pdf   Forest Watch Program Observation Report  (145.5 KB  PDF)
Forest Watch Program Observation Report for volunteers.

amp_rec_daily_stat_rpt.docx   Forest Watch Program Daily Statistic Report  (134.7 KB  DOCX)
Forest Watch Program Daily Statistic Report for volunteers.

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