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Climate Change Adaptation Resources 


Washington State Department of Ecology
The Department of Ecology has been tasked by the Washington State Legislature to lead stakeholder groups to develop plans for adapting to climate change. See Washington State Plans.

Preparing for Climate Change: A Guidebook for Local, Regional, and State Governments
This tool, prepared by King County and used nationwide, is a tool for government agencies to use while planning for the impacts of climate change. King County/ICLEI/CIG Guidebook, September 2007.

Federal Efforts
Climate Change Adaptation Task Force
In 2009, the Obama Administration convened the Interagency Climate Change Adaptation Task Force, co-chaired by the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and including representatives from more than 20 Federal agencies. The group was tasked with developing a nation wide report

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives
Created by the Department of the Interior, Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs), are a network of public-private partnerships that provide shared science to ensure the sustainability of America's land, water, wildlife and cultural resources. DNR has representatives sitting on several LCC’s and on LCC working groups.


Washington State: Regional Plans
Adapting to Climate Change at Olympic National Forest and Olympic National Park
An example of a climate adaptation strategy for a specific national forest. United States Department of Agriculture, August 2011.

Swinomish Tribe
Many of Washington’s tribes have been actively planning for climate change. This is an example of an adaptation plan from the Swinomish Tribe.

Washington State Plans
Washington State Integrated Climate Change Response Strategy
In 2009, the Washington State Legislature approved the State Agency Climate Leadership Act SB 5560, which included provisions in sections 10 through 13 for the formation of an “integrated climate change response strategy” to “better enable state and local agencies, public and private businesses, nongovernmental organizations, and individuals to prepare for, address, and adapt to the impacts of climate change.” The final report is the outcome of significant stakeholder input and efforts.

National Plans
Responding to climate change in national forests: a guidebook for developing adaptation options
A plan for addressing climate change impacts to federal lands. Resource includes both strategies and approaches to strategy development. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station, 2011.

National Action Plan for Freshwater Resources
An overview, developed by CEQ, of the challenges that a changing climate presents for the management of the Nation's freshwater resources. The report describes actions that Federal agencies propose to take in response to these challenges.

National Ocean Policy Task Force
By Presidential EO, National Ocean Policy Task Force was established and tasked to work with the interagency National Ocean Council on developing strategic action plans to achieve nine national priority objectives that address some of the most pressing challenges facing our ocean, coasts, and Great Lakes.


Climate Change Handbook for Regional Watershed Planning
A tool for those developing watershed scale climate adaptation plans. Developed cooperatively by the U.S.EPA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, California Department of Water Resources, and the Resources Legacy Fund, November 2011.

Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE)
A Washington-based organization dedicated to developing and working with organizations on developing climate change adaptation strategies. Website includes a large database of adaptation case studies, reports, and tools, as well as links to federal, state, and local adaptation plans.

Local Strategies for Addressing Climate Change
Resources focus on what coastal resource managers around the country are already doing to address the impacts of climate change. Produced by NOAA Coastal Services Center, Feb. 2009.


Comprehensive Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Washington State
A comprehensive evaluation, sector by sector, of projected impacts of climate change that are expected in Washington State. This study is the most comprehensive of its kind for Washington. Climate Impacts Group (CIG), University of Washington, 2009.

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