Prevention & Awareness
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Prevention & Awareness  
 Defensible space can help save homes from wildfire 

WildFire Prevention & Awareness

In Washington State, the majority of wildfires (85%) are human-caused. Every year, wildfire prevention is of critical importance to DNR when protecting Washington’s natural resources. 

Starting June 22, DNR has issued a statewide burn ban. The ban applies to all outdoor burning on DNR-protected forestlands. See Commissioner Goldmark's Statewide Burn Ban Order.


Our prevention efforts are aimed primarily toward adults—people living in or near the woods; debris burners; occasional campers; hunters; hikers; and those who use fireworks. 

Embers from a wildfire can travel more than a mile.

Defend your home from Wildfire
> Defend Your Home from Wildfire: flyer in English & Spanish
> Learn how to prepare for a wildfire - the Ready Campaign 
> Homeowner Tips -

> Ear to the Ground Blog

Take responsibility while outside in the forest!
Campfires are permitted on DNR-managed lands in approved fire pits only.
• Ensure there is a shovel and bucket of water close by
• Put the fire out cold before walking away
• Never walk away from a smoldering campfire. If it's too hot to touch, it's too hot to leave.

Other Fire Safety Tips
• Be sure recreational vehicles have operating spark arresters.
• Do not park any vehicles in dry, grassy areas as residual heat from exhaust systems can ignite the dry grass.
• It is illegal to discharge fireworks or use incendiary ammunition or exploding targets on DNR-protected lands.

Take responsibility to defend your home from wildfire!
If your home is built in or near the forest, there are steps you can take to guard against wildfire destroying your home. Follow these steps to get started on protecting your home from wildfire. 

See how defensible space techniques – clearing brush, limbing trees, etc. – helped save homes from the 2011 Monastery Fire Complex in south-central Washington, while 29 other homes were unfortunately destroyed. 

Take Responsibility To Protect Your Property And Your Neighbors!
DNR regulates outdoor burning on all forestlands where we provide wildfire protection. Don’t burn outdoors until you know the rules!

Additional Resources
With the Fire Adapted Communities, you can learn more about defensible space, fire-resilient building construction, and community wildfire prevention planning.

The Firewise Program, administered through the National Fire Protection Association, encourages local solutions for wildfire safety by involving you, the homeowner, in taking individual responsibility for preparing your home for the risk of wildfire.

The Ready, Set, Go! (RSG) Program, managed by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), seeks to develop and improve the dialogue between fire departments and the residents they serve. The program helps fire departments teach individuals who live in high risk wildfire areas how to best prepare themselves and their properties against fire threats. 

Every year across our nation, some homes survive – while others do not – after a major wildfire. Those that survive almost always do so because their owners had prepared for the eventuality of fire, which is an inescapable force of nature in fire-prone wildland areas. Learn more from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.



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