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DNR Recreation News 
Photo of volunteers from Friends of Capitol Forest 

DNR Recreation News

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Recreation Newsletter Issues 2013

DNR Recreation E-News | August 22, 2013. Summer brings new trail celebrations, future plans, a bittersweet goodbye, legislative news, and budget updates from Recreation.


DNR Recreation E-News | August 15, 2013. Special Edition: Sasquatch Spotted!


DNR Recreation E-News June 7, 2013. Legislative update and volunteer photos from National Trails Day®.


DNR Recreation E-News | March 4, 2013. New Capitol Forest Map, Reiter 4x4 photos, legislative update, and more spring recreation news. This edition includes information on the recreation budget, month in blogs, and the Northwest Region e-newsletter.

Recreation Newsletter Issues 2012
DNR Recreation E-News | December 19, 2012. Time to celebrate! Volunteer heroes and recreation superstars. This edition includes information on distinguished volunteers, recreation planning update, and the Naneum Ridge to Columbia River recreation plan.
DNR Recreation E-News | November 21, 2012. The perfect holiday gift is even better! Choose your Discover Pass start date. Help guide recreation across the state. Grant update. Seasonal recreation closures. Month in blogs. What's next?
DNR Recreation E-News | September 17, 2012. Who's your volunteer hero? DNR hosts over 8 National Public Lands Day events. Check out August and September's month in blogs.

DNR Recreation E-News | July 30, 2012. Last chance to fill out the Snoqualmie Corridor recreation survey. Check out July's month in blogs. What recreation means to me -- your stories.

DNR Recreation E-News | July 3, 2012. Discover Pass - progress report. National Trails Day. June recreation blogs in review. Introducing new communications manager, Diana lofflin.

DNR Recreation E-News | June 8, 2012. Call for letters of support for recreation grant applications.


DNR Recreation E-News | March 15, 2012. Legislature sends Discover Pass amendment bill to Governor. Recreation planning in full swing. Recreation projects for 2012-2013. Discover Pass sales update. Discover Pass education and enforcement strategy. Coming up this spring and summer.


DNR Recreation E-News | January 11, 2012. Legislature considers changes to Discover Pass. Open house for Snoqualmie Corridor Recreation Plan, Jan. 18. DNR reopens a much-improved Samish Overlook. DNR rolls out education and enforcement strategy to improve Discover Pass compliance. Winter recreation reminder: What kind of pass or permit do you need? State Parks announces 'free days' for visitors in 2012. Discover Pass sales update.



Recreation Newsletter Issues 2011

DNR Recreation E-News | December 13, 2011. Legislators to consider changes to Discover Pass. Looking back at Recreation in 2011. Looking ahead to 2012.


DNR Recreation E-News | October 18, 2011. Discover Pass -- refunds and replacements.


DNR Recreation E-News | September 16, 2011. National Public Lands Day. Samish Overlook temporarily closed. Where do you need a Discover Pass to hunt? More volunteer opportunities. Seasonal closures. Discover Pass update. DNR volunteers earn complimentary Discover Passes.


DNR Recreation E-News | July 21, 2011. Discover Pass update. Mitchell Peak follow-up: Access to public lands via private lands.


DNR Recreation E-News | July 14, 2011. Special email message regarding Mitchell Peak.


DNR Recreation E-News | June 22. Discover Pass. Green Mountain & Tahuya State Forests community workshops, June 29 & 30.


DNR Recreation E-News | May 19. Discover Pass signed into law. NOVA grant update. Breaking ground on new Ahtanum Trailhead. What recreation areas are open for the season?


DNR Recreation E-News | May 11, 2011. Governor to sign Discover Pass bill.


DNR Recreation E-News | April 22, 2011. Discover Pass legislation goes to Governor. Status of DNR's recreation budget. Proposed motorized trail plan in Reiter Foothills Forest can move forward.


DNR Recreation E News | March 11, 2011. Update on recreation access legislation. Recreation planning updates. Applications for recreation funding in the works. Got photos to share? USFS rule-planning proposal.


DNR Recreation E News | February 4, 2011. Legislation aims to provide stable funding for recreation on state lands. DNR looking for volunteer stories (reminder).


DNR Recreation E News | January 28, 2011. DNR looking for volunteer stories. Moving forward with NOVA grant applications. Deadline reminders.


DNR Recreation E News | January 12, 2011. Fill out online survey about recreation in Green Mountain & Tahuya State Forests. Reiter SEPA deadline reminder.

Recreation Newsletter Issues 2010

DNR Recreation E News | December 21.  Reiter motorized trails SEPA review process.


DNR Recreation E News | November 18, 2010. Update on DNR/WDFW legislative proposal. (45 KB)


DNR Recreation E-News | October 18, 2010 Proposed legislation and budget for 2011 (77KB PDF)


DNR Recreation E-News | August 18, 2010. More about the budget, fuel tax refund, Western Yacolt Recreation Plan completed, and upcoming online forum on recreation in September.


DNR Recreation E-News | July 22, 2010 Share your thoughts on the budget (132KB PDF)


DNR Recreation E-News | July 12, 2010 Budget Planning for 2011-2013 (102KB PDF)


DNR Recreation E-News | June 2, 2010 Volunteers wanted: Help clean up state lands on National Trails Day (77KB PDF)


DNR Recreation E-News | May 14, 2010 DNR seeks volunteers to serve as campground hosts (78KB PDF)


DNR Recreation E-News | April 19, 2010 Legislative updates & more....(93KB PDF)


DNR Recreation E-News | March 2, 2010 Legislative update & volunteering to benefit DNR recreation areas (78KB PDF)


DNR Recreation E-News | February 10, 2010 Legislative update (68KB PDF)


DNR Recreation E-NewsFebruary 5, 2010 Legislative update, Reiter Foothills & Volunteering (75KB PDF)  


DNR Recreation E-News | January 26, 2010 DNR strategic plan now available (33KB PDF)


Recreation E-News Issues 2009

 DNR Recreation E-NewsDecember 29, 2009 Budget challenges for 2010 (43KB PDF)

 DNR Recreation E-News | November 30, 2009 Snowmobile updates and volunteer training (65KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | November 21, 2009 Volunteer mentoring program and ORV safety summit (64KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | November 6, 2009 Public meeting on Reiter foothills recreation plan (83KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | October 22, 2009 Sustainable recreation meeting (50KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | October 9, 2009 Press Release: Fall seasonal closures (67KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | September 28, 2009 Sustainable recreation group update (54KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | September 23, 2009 Update on winter closures and National Public Land's Day (83KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | September 3, 2009 Upcoming events and revised rules for DNR recreation (83KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | August 11, 2009 Budget update and Washington conservation corps (73KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | July 15, 2009 Vandalism in Capitol State Forest (75KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | June 19, 2009 Recreation program budget for 2009-2011 (97KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | June 6, 2009 National Trails Day (56KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | May 27, 2009 Recreation program budget update (39KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | May 14, 2009 Trail site access updates and budget (80KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | May 5, 2009 Education and reinforcement in Reiter foothills (64KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | April 21, 2009 Funding forum for sustainable recreation work group (50KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | April 14, 2009 Free training offered on how to measure sound waves from ORV's (53KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | March 31, 2009 Opening date change for Capitol Forest (33KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | February 19, 2009 Calendar of volunteer projects (42KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | February 13, 2009 Board of Natural Resources new recreation rules (34KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | January 21, 2009 Sustainable recreation work group meeting (55KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | January 13, 2009 Reminder to take survey about volunteer improvements (28KB PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | January 9, 2009 Online survey to improve recreation funding (36KB PDF)


Recreation Newsletter Issues 2008

 DNR Recreation E-News | June 2008 User groups accomplishments (PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | March 2008 Salute to volunteers (PDF)


 DNR Recreation E-News | January 2008 Inaugural issue. Legislative update. Storm damage update (PDF)


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