Dinosaur Hunting in North America
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Dinosaur Hunting in North America 

Washington rocks have yielded a variety of fossils, but no dinosaur remains have yet been found here. However, the possibility of Washington dinosaur fossils still exists, and it is quite likely that the first ones would be found by rockhounds rather than professional geologists! In the meantime, there are many known dinosaur sites and museums to explore elsewhere in North America.

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Dinosaur Dig Sites



  • Dinosaur National Monument
  • Dry Mesa Dinosaur Quarry
  • Mygatt-Moore Dinosaur Quarry
  • Dinosaur Ridge, a National Natural Landmark - near Morrison
  • Fruita and Grand Junction
    • Riggs Hill Interpretive Trail
    • Dinosaur Hill Interpretive Trail
    • Rabbit Valley Research Natural Area and Mygatt Moore Quarry
    • Dry Mesa Quarry
  • Dinosaur Trails of Purgatory - La Junta
    • North America's largest dinosaur tracksite requires a 5-mile hike into a remote canyon. Jurassic Sauropods and Therapods. Telephone 719-384-2181 (USFS)


  • Dinosaur State Park - Rocky Hill

East Coast


  • Holyoke (Mt. Tom area)
    • theropod dinosaur tracks


  • Chronister site - Marble Hill, Bollinger County

New Jersey

New Mexico

  • Ghost Ranch - Rio Arriba County

South Dakota


  • Dinosaur Valley State Park - Glen Rose
    • The most famous dinosaur tracksite in Texas is located on the banks of the Paluxy River where Therapods attacked Sauropods


  • Grand County
    • Gaston Dinosaur Quarry
  • Moab
    • Dalton Wells Dinosaur Quarry (not open to the public)
    • Mill Canyon/Copper Ridge Dinosaur Tracks
    • Sauropod Dinosaur Tracks
    • Potash Road Dinosaur Tracks
  • Ogden
  • Price, Cleveland, and Castle Dale
    • Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry
  • Vernal
    • Red Fleet Dinosaur Trackway
    • Utah Field House of Natural History State Park
  • Warner Valley Tracksite - near St. George
    • Excellent footprints in late Triassic Moenave Sandstone made in a low floodplain. Telephone 435-673-4654 (BLM).



Dinosaur Digs - Classes/Expeditions

Dinosaur-Hunting Websites

Dinosaur Websites



Most natural history museums have dinosaur bones or other fossils in their collections. Check in the yellow pages under "Museums" to find listings; or contact the local Chamber of Commerce for information on local museums. This list was made in August 2000 and updated September 2004.

Virtual tour of a dinosaur exhibit: http://www.mnh.si.edu/museum/VirtualTour/Tour/First/Dinosaurs/



  • Museum of Northern Arizona - Flagstaff


  • Arkansas State University Museum - Jonesboro


  • Raymond Alf Museum - Claremont
    • largest display of fossil footprints in western U.S.
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History
  • The Museum of Paleontology at the University of California - Berkeley
  • San Bernardino County Museum - Redlands
    • only dinosaur footprint found in CA
  • San Diego Natural History Museum
  • Wheel Inn Restaurant - Cabazon
    • larger-than-life statues of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Apatosaurus, off I-10


  • Denver Museum of Nature & Science
  • Devil's Canyon Science and Learning Center - Fruita
  • Dinosaur Hill Interpretive Trail - Grand Junction
  • Dinosaur National Monument Visitors Center
    • includes a wall of rock embedded with 1,600 real dino bones
  • Dinosaur Valley Museum - Grand Junction
  • Garden Park Paleontological Society - Canon City
    • dinosaur educational center
  • Morrison Natural History Museum - Morrison
    • features a 30-minute video history of Dinosaur Ridge
  • Museum of Western Colorado - Grand Junction
  • Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center - Woodland Park
  • University Science Museum - Boulder


  • Yale University, Peabody Museum - New Haven
    • Great Hall of Dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur State Park - Rocky Hill
    • See fossilized dinosaur footprints (trackways of Eubrontes).

District of Columbia

  • National Museum of Natural History, Dinosaur Hall, Smithsonian - Washington


  • Graves Museum of Archaeology and Natural History - Dania Beach
    • Bambiraptor, discovered by 14-yr. old Wes Lister
  • Dinosaur World - Plant City



  • The Field Museum of Natural History - Chicago


  • The Children's Museum - Indianapolis


  • Sternberg Museum of Natural History, Fort Hays State University - Hays


  • Dinosaur Hall - Covington


  • Northern Maine Museum of Science - Presque Isle


  • Maryland Science Center


  • Museum of Science - Boston
  • Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology (also known as Agassiz Museum) - Cambridge
  • Pratt Museum of Natural History, Amherst College - Amherst
    • largest collection of fossil tracks & footprints


  • University of Michigan Exhibit Museum - Ann Arbor


  • The Science Museum of Minnesota - St. Paul


  • Museum of the Rockies - Bozeman


  • University of Nebraska State Museum - Lincoln


  • Las Vegas Natural History Museum
    • 900 N. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas
    • Features wildlife past and present including animated dinosaur exhibits
  • Nevada State Museum & Historical Society
    • 700 Twin Lakes Dr, Las Vegas; take the Twin Lakes entrance to Lorenzi Park
    • Southern Nevada's only nationally accredited museum
    • See the Nevada State fossil, the ichthyosaur, 48 feet long and 225 million years old
    • Don't miss the 13 foot tall Columbian mammoth skeleton

New Mexico

  • Clayton Lake State Park - near Clayton
    • More than 500 Ornithopod and Therapod dinosaur tracks are preserved in the lake spillway with interpretive walk
    • Telephone 505-374-8808
  • Farmington Museum - Farmington
  • Mesalands Dinosaur Museum - Tucumcari
    • See the ONLY display in the world of the TORVOSAURUS, a rare, meat-eating dinosaur. Life size skeleton which was a close relative of the Tyrannosaurs that lived in the Jurassic Period.
    • Other displays include bronze skeletons, fossils, and more. 10,000 square foot museum!
    • Corner of First and Laughlin Streets. Take I40 exit 322, go north 1.6 miles, turn east at Laughlin Street. (505) 461-DINO
  • New Mexico Museum of Natural History - Albuquerque

New York

  • American Museum of Natural History - New York
  • Buffalo Museum of Science - Buffalo
  • Paleontological Research Institute - Ithaca

North Carolina

  • North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences - Raleigh
    • See Willo, the Thescalosaurus whose fossilized, four-chambered heart was found

North Dakota


  • Natural History Museum - Cleveland
  • Cincinnati Museum - Cincinnati


  • Oklahoma Museum of Natural History - Norman


  • Academy of Natural Sciences - Philadelphia
  • Carnegie Museum of Natural History - Pittsburgh

South Dakota

  • Black Hills Institute of Geological Research - Hill City


  • Annie Riggs Museum - Fort Stockton
    • Exhibits here include dinosaur footprints and casts. Telephone 915-336-2167
  • Fort Worth Museum of Science & History - Fort Worth
    • In DinoDig, a reproduction of a working dig site, children can search the sand for realistic fossil replicas using a plastic digger and a two-inch chip brush, and they can keep most of what they find. Telephone 817-732-1631
  • Houston Museum of Natural Science - Houston
  • Petroleum Museum - Midland
    • This museum has one dinosaur exhibit, Camptpsaurus footprints 50 miles from the facility. Telephone 915-683-4509
  • Texas Memorial Museum, University of Texas - Austin


  • BYU Earth Science Museum - Provo
  • College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum - Price
  • The Dinosaur Museum - Blanding
  • Museum of the San Rafael
  • Dan O'Laurie Museum - Moab
    • Exhibits include dinosaur tracks and a dinosaur femur. Telephone 435-259-7985
  • Museum of Western Colorado (Dalton Wells fossils exhibit)
  • North American Museum of Ancient Life - Lehi (Thanksgiving Point)
    • Largest dinosaur museum in the world???
  • Brigham Young University (DaltonWells fossils exhibit) - Moab
  • Dead Horse Point State Park - near Moab
    • Visitor Center has a small display of dinosaur bones. Telephone 435-259-2614
  • Dinosaur National Monument - Jensen
    • One of the best dinosaur bone beds in the world where 11 species have been unearthed so far. At its Quarry Visitor Center, families can check out a wall of rock embedded with 1,600 real bones and watch paleontologists demonstrate their craft
  • Utah Field House of Natural History State Park - Vernal
    • Adjacent to an excellent geology and natural history museum, the Dinosaur Garden contains an array of full-sized, lifelike dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals in a natural setting. Telephone 435-789-3799
  • Utah Museum of Natural History - Salt Lake City
    • Excellent collection of Jurassic dinosaurs, including Allosaurus, Camptosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Dimetrodon. Telephone 801-581-4303
  • Weber State Museum - Ogden
    • Articulated skeletons of Allosaurus and partial Dimetrodon, plus skulls of Allosaurus, Camarasaurus and Camprosaurus. Telephone 801-626-6653


  • Burke Museum, University of Washington - Seattle


  • University of Wisconsin Geology Museum - Madison
  • Milwaukee Public Museum - Milwaukee


  • Geological Museum of the University of Wyoming - Laramie
  • Tate Geological Museum - Casper
  • Wyoming Dinosaur Center - Thermopolis


  • Alberta
    • Dinosaur Provincial Park in Patricia
    • Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller
  • Ontario
    • Bruce County Museum, Southampton
    • Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
    • Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa
  • Quebec
    • Redpath Museum, Montreal

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