Derelict Vessel Notices of Intent to Obtain Custody
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Derelict Vessel Notices of Intent to Obtain Custody 
Sinking Boat 

Derelict Vessel Removal Program
Notices of Intent to Obtain Custody

The following vessels have custody actions pending under the derelict vessel act (RCW 70.10.040). If the owner takes no action, the vessel will be seized by the authorized public entity listed in the notice.  Once custody is obtained, the agency may use or dispose of the vessel in any appropriate and environmentally sound manner without further notice to any owners.

The owner of any vessel listed below may prevent the custody action by following the directions outlined in the notice.

Pending Actions 


 Vessel Name | Notice



Custody date

4/24/2014"Murph" | Photo
USCG # 960287
Sunken in Quartermaster Harbor, Vashon Island, King County5/16/2014
4/11/201420-30 ft steel hulled vessel | PhotoUnknownAdrift in Eld Inlet near Young's Cove, Thurston County5/7/2014
3/25/2014"Spring Tide" - 30' black & green wooden hulled sailboatUnknownPort of Brownsville4/13/2014
3/12/2014Unknown ~ 16-ft Bayliner | Photo
WN 4686 RA
” A” Street Boat Ramp at Home, Pierce County4/9/2014
3/4/2014a 15-ft runabout
WN 7168 R
Juanita Bay, Lake Washington, King Co.3/28/2014
3/4/2014unknown 40-ft vessel | Photo
OR 479 ZD
Lake River, Clark Co.3/24/2014
2/6/2014"Sea Spirit"- a 28-ft Slickcraft | Photo
WN 6204 KD
Removed from dockside moorage at 1911 East Day Island Blvd, University Place, WA2/22/2014
WN 289 EB
Port Orchard Marina1/5/2014
No registration number
In/near Dockton, King County9/27/2013
11/27/2013"Pink Lady"
WN 2887 JE
In/near Dockton, King County9/27/2013
11/27/2013Unknown 23-ft power boat
WN 4404 RM
In/near Dockton, King County9/27/2013
8/19/13Steel-hulled vessel, name unknown | PhotoUnknown

In the Vancouver Lake flushing channel, Clark County

7/19/2013"Helena Star" |  PhotoUSCG # 646889Hylebos Waterway, Tacoma, Pierce Co.8/16/2013
3/7/2013"Porte de la Reine" and "Porte Quebec", two 125’ former Canadian military vessels | PhotoUnknownGuemes Channel, Anacortes, WA4/1/2013

Owner liability. If the owner does not take action to remove a vessel declared derelict or abandoned, he or she may be liable for costs such as:

  • Administrative costs incurred in the custody action.
  • Removal and disposal costs.
  • Costs associated with environmental damages directly or indirectly caused by the vessel.

The owner may also be subject to a criminal misdemeanor charge for causing a vessel to become abandoned or derelict.

Appeals. A vessel owner may contest an agency’s decision to take temporary possession or custody of a vessel, or to contest the amount of reimbursement owed to an agency through an appeals process, which is spelled out in the notice of intent to obtain custody.  The type of appeal and the appeal period depends on which authorized public entity takes the action.

In general, if the contested decision or action was undertaken by a state agency or a local agency that does not have an internal appeals process,  a written appeal must be filed with the Pollution Control Hearings Board (PCHB). The appeal must be received no later than 30 days after the custody date.  See the vessel’s custody notice for details.
> PCHB frequently asked questions

Owners may file appeals directly to entities that have their own internal rules or procedures for contesting decisions or actions pertaining to derelict or abandoned vessels. Examples of these entities may include metropolitan park districts, port districts, cities, towns, or counties. 

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Derelict Vessel Removal Program
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