Northeast Region Recreation Information
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Northeast Region Recreation Information 

 Northeast Region locator map 

The mostly mountainous Northeast Region reaches from east of the northern Cascade Range to the northwestern Idaho border. Landscapes include forests, shrub-steppe, agriculture, and grazing lands. The region offers a wide array of recreational opportunities with 27 recreational sites that include  campgrounds near lakes and rivers, single-track motorcycle trails, high country hiking and horseback riding, and lowland hunting. In the Northeast Region, DNR manages about 567,000 acres of mostly forested and grazing lands and provides stewardship of 29,000 acres of conservation lands, including Loomis Natural Resource Conservation Area—the largest of DNR's Natural Areas.

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Updated:  July 7, 2015

Find out which recreation sites in the state are open or closed...and more.

Major DNR Recreation Sites:

Recreation areas by county:

Looking for directions? Find directions to most Northeast Region recreation sites in DNR's Recreation Guide Map.


Recreation AreaStatus Additional Information
Flodelle CreekClosedClosed until further notice.
Little Pend Oreille Snowmobile TrailsOpen
Little Pend Oreille ORV TrailsOpen

Rec alert: Ruftac and/or Rufus trails may be temporarily closed due to harvest or road building activities.

Note: Possibility of trees down on the Little Pend Oreille Trail System following wind storm.

Narcisse Snowmobile TrailsClosedWeather Dependent
Radar Dome TrailheadOpen
Sherry Creek CampgroundOpen

LOOMIS STATE FOREST (Okanogan County)  Check out photos.

Recreation AreaStatus Additional Information
Chopaka LakeOpenCheck out photos and get directions.
Cold SpringsClosed

Areas west of Cold Springs Campground and north of the Disappointment Trailhead, including all trail routes, are closed until further notice due to safety precaution. These trails include Albert Camp, Goodenough, Snowshoe, North Fork, Border Camp, Olallie, Johnny Beall, as well as the Chopaka Jeep trail and 14 mile roads.


North Fork Nine MileOpen
Palmer LakeOpenCheck out photos and get directions.
Toats Coulee CampOpen
Toats JunctionOpen

(Okanogan County)
Recreation AreaStatus Additional Information
Leader LakeOpenCheck out photos and get directions.
Rock CreekOpen
Rock Lakes & TrailOpen
Sportsman CampOpen

Okanogan County 

Recreation Area
Loomis State Forest  
Loup Loup State Forest

Pend Oreille County

Recreation AreaStatus Additional Information
Skookum Creek CampgroundOpen


Spokane COUNTY 

Recreation AreaStatus Additional Information
Dishman Hills Natural Resources Conservation AreaOpen 
Dragoon Creek CampgroundOpen

Pets are not allowed in the campground. Check out photos and get directions. Scheduled to open May 21.

Stevens County

Recreation AreaStatus Additional Information
Douglas Falls Grange Park


Check out photos and get directions. 

Lake Spokane Closed

Currently managed by Washington State Parks. For more information, visit their website.

Lake Spokane Indian PaintingOpenNo camping.
Little Pend Oreille
Rocky LakeOpen


Sheep Creek Campground



Starvation Lake



Please note: DNR may close a recreational facility or trail either temporarily or permanently for the purposes of protecting the environment, public safety, property, or to ensure DNR meets its management and administrative obligations. (Learn more | WAC 332-52-100) 

Pets are allowed on department-managed lands, except in areas that are closed to pets or animals for the protection of wildlife, sensitive natural systems, special cultural areas, or for other purposes. All pets must be on leash. If pets are accompanying livestock, they can be off leash but must be voice controlled. (Learn more | WAC 332-52-140)


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