Layer: Gradient Wells

This layer presents information on the location, physical characteristics, and availability of water chemistry, geophysical logs, and temperature-depth plots of geothermal resources in Washington State. It includes hundreds of wells in which geothermal gradients were directly measured, and is symbolized either by measured geothermal gradient or recorded bottom-hole temperature. This dataset includes wells previously published by this agency, additional unpublished data, data gathered in support of the National Geothermal Data System, and wells obtained from the Southern Methodist University Regional Heat Flow Database (Blackwell, D. D., 2010).

The chemical analyses and geophysical logs are available separately in related tables within the downloadable file geodatabase [geothermal_wells.gdb]. Wells with available chemical analyses or geophysical logs, once selected with the Identify Tool, appear with a plus sign (+) next to the well name in the left-hand pane of the Identify Features window; clicking on the plus sign will show a list of available analyses or logs, and clicking on an item in the list will display the results in the right-hand pane of the Identify Features window. Additionally, temperature-depth plots for selected wells can be found in the 'Plot File URL' field of Gradient/Heat Flow Wells attribute table.

Data sources:

Schuster, J. Eric; Bloomquist, R. Gordon, 1994, Low-temperature geothermal resources of Washington: Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources Open File Report 94-11, 53 p., 2 plates. []

Blackwell, D.D., Updated and combined Regional Heat Flow and Western Geothermal Area databases; Washington state; Southern Methodist University, [accessed Sept. 25, 2010 at:].

Suggested Citation:

Czajkowski, J. L.; Bowman J. D.; Fusso, L. A.; Boschmann, D. E., 2014 Washington State geothermal well databaseóGIS data: Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources Digital Data Series 8, version 2.0.

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