Layer: Fission Track

This layer presents information on the location, sample, and analysis characteristics, and measured ages of fission track radiometric analyses on rocks in Washington State. This dataset includes analyses previously published by this agency, additional published and unpublished data, and analyses obtained from the National Geochronological Database (Sloan and others, 2003). The data is symbolized in the interactive map either by analysis method or by age of the sample.

This layer is part of a larger compilation of geochronologic data for Washington State [geochronology.gdb]. Cited sources for analyses can be determined, once analysis locations are selected with the Identify Tool, by clicking on the plus sign (+) next to the analysis record in the left-hand pane of the Identify Features window; clicking on the plus sign will show a list of cited sources, and clicking on an item in the list will display the results in the right-hand pane of the Identify Features window.

Data sources:

Sloan, J.; Henry, C.D.; Hopkins, M.; Ludington, S., 2003, National geochronological database: U.S. Geological Survey Open-file Report 03-236, version 1.0. []

Suggested Citation:

Czajkowski, J. L., 2014, Washington State geochronology databaseóGIS data: Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources Digital Data Series 6, version 1.0.

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